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What happened to the pound in 30 seconds? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing time on October 7th 7:04 minutes, the pound against the U.S. dollar diving, fell more than two minutes in just over 10% minutes, most of which fell in the past 07 minutes to 07 minutes and 46 seconds in the next 30 seconds. Citibank analyst Daniel Randall analysts said, from the perspective of inter bank liquidity, there is a lot of instant sell-off is the pound against the dollar, rather than some people guess the pound against the euro. Randall pointed out that when the pound against the dollar fell below 1.20, the inter-bank liquidity is sterling’s change and the Bank of England in July 14th this year when the unexpected halt the troops and wait but this time, the pound fell by 10%, while the volatility of July 14th only 2%. Randall said in a report: the primary market price of the pound against the U.S. dollar trading price is usually only 1-2 points, but this time it soared to 50 points, or even rose to 600 points. This means that the spread of more than 50 points of the adjacent transaction, such as a point when the offer is $1.2500, the price of the next transaction will be directly reduced to 1.2450, which appeared in the middle of the liquidity vacuum. Randall said that this was mainly due to the huge difference in the inter-bank market buying and selling. As shown below, in 07 minutes and 16 seconds before the market is changing rapidly, but remained stable. After that, the bid ask spreads began to expand substantially. Randall said that in the past have appeared, such as last August 24th, it can leave the primary market and high frequency trading profits after a net Liquidity: this change is as important as the dollar in January and the South African Rand and the referendum on the eve of the pound against the dollar fluctuations similar. Although the beginning of the market is still intact, but the emergence of a large number of retail selling net, and this may be related to stop. Overall, despite the fact that retail investors are net sellers, we believe that the buyers of the pound mainly come from leveraged transactions. U.S. financial blog Zero Hedge said, for Citi’s comments, the most straightforward understanding is: from the foreign exchange market, see more similar future flash crash event, either in the algorithmic trading "bullet" depleted bargain buying, or settle in high profit. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: