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What do you eat in winter? Sohu – health in the winter, mutton is very popular, it is rich in fat, protein and calcium, iron, phosphorus and other ingredients, sweet but not greasy, with warm kidney yang, dispelling cold, tonifying qi and blood, spleen appetizer effect. So the winter to eat mutton, which can resist the cold, but also nourishing the body, to shoot two hawks with one arrow effect. But the lamb can not eat, then eat mutton in winter to pay attention to what? First, mutton stew for eating. After the lamb stew, cooked rotten, more fresh, easy to digest. Mutton stew in the process of maintaining the original soup juice, to ensure maximum nutrition is not lost. In addition to the time of the stew with a suitable Chinese medicine or nutrition can play a complementary role in the food, nourishing effect will be greater. Such as Angelica mutton soup, mutton soup, mutton soup Astragalus wolfberry, mutton soup, mutton soup, tofu, radish pig’s trotters mutton soup. Second, a reasonable combination of anti lit. Lamb warm, often eat easy to get angry. Therefore, to eat the mutton collocation cool and gamping vegetables, can play a cool, detoxification, the role of a goal. Cool vegetables are generally white gourd, gourd, spinach, cabbage, mushroom, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc.. Best to eat meat collocation of tofu, it can not only add a variety of trace elements, which gypsum can play Qingrexiehuo, Chufan, thirst quencher role. The lamb and radish made of a dish, it can give full play to the radish cool, can eliminate stagnation, phlegm heat effect. In addition, hot mutton, vinegar of sweet, not with vinegar, and tea with pumpkin. Third, eat mutton should not overdo sth.. Lamb sweet warm hot, excessive consumption will lead to lesion development, aggravate the condition. In addition, large number of protein and fat intake, the liver disease can not be completed due to oxidation, total effective decomposition, absorption and metabolism, increase the burden on the liver, can cause disease; often tongue ulcers, red eyes, mouth pain, irritability, dry throat pain, gingival swelling and diarrhea were not more food.相关的主题文章: