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What came from ancient Rome, 2000 years of history in Trier? Sohu – Li Hongyu Trier is a tourism image has a population of only 100 thousand people in the town, is the oldest city in germany. In Germany, Trier is not the only one who claimed to be the oldest city, but as the city has more than two thousand years of history, rather than as a colony or forces. Trier city is the longest history of germany! In 16 BC, the famous Rome emperor Octavius will be built in Trier City, this year is the beginning of Trier as a city. Trier’s golden age in the Rome Empire, today, Trier has preserved many ruins of ancient Rome era, such as the era of ancient Rome City, old cathedrals of Rome style. The ancient city of Trier from the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg in Trier, this town gives the first impression is quiet, quaint. Morning the streets of Trier are hardly what people store has yet to open the door. Go straight to the center of Trier, to see several pedestrians. Although the opening of the cafe cafe, but this time is clearly not the peak. Trier preserved many ancient buildings, including the ruins of ancient Rome empire. Trier Catholic Church of Trier cathedral is the name of St. Peter’s Cathedral is the oldest Episcopal Church in germany. In the Catholic Church in Rome period, Trier has become a diocese, St. Peter’s Cathedral is the Archdiocese of Frauenkirche. I don’t know much about the Church of St. Peter’s Cathedral is, but I have been to church so I am more impressive. One is because he is similar to the shape of the castle, one because of its exquisite interior decoration, there is a layer of the ground floor of the church, it is worth a visit. Porta nigra porta nigra is also known as the black gate, is the ancient Rome during the construction, save to now, is the symbol of Trier city. Black gate width of 36 meters, depth of 23 meters, height of 30 meters, is built up of heavy sandstone. As a result of years of weathering, resulting in the appearance of sandstone into black, so we call it the black gate. In ancient Rome, the black gate was a very important defense for the romans. Kaiser Kaiser is one of the largest beach beach beach in Rome – the era of ancient Rome has retained, although most of the left in ruins, but still impressive, especially the underground passage extending in all directions. Kaiser beach was founded in fourth Century, was the Royal Bath, the scale is quite large, but unfortunately Kaiser has not been completed, never put into use. The Romans love bath, only in Trier left three baths. Marx’s famous thinker Mr. Marx was born on 05 1818 05 in Trier, the former residence of Marx. Marx’s former residence is located in Trier city bruecken Street No. 10, is a gray color of the old 3 storey building. Because Marx is the founder of scientific communism, enjoys great popularity in the world, every year many tourists come to the former residence of Marx. The instructions of Marx’s former residence include Germany, Britain and russia,.相关的主题文章: