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Wenger’s 20 worst signings: South Korea Japan two World Cup Golden Boot Wenger will be miserable than those worst signings Wenger 20 worst signings sina sports coach Wenger in 20 years, it has made great contribution to the team. But the professor also makes mistakes, strictly follow the fiscal policy Wenger also introduced some of the players just passable. The following will check Wenger 20 years 20 worst signings. Francis – Jeffers Francis – Jeffers in 2001 to 8 million pounds from Everton Arsenal, can be said to be one of the most expensive club in the history of the transfer. Although there are two FA Cup titles and a Premier League title, but Jeffs’s role in the field is very limited. Finally joined Charlton, 24 League appearances only 4 times. Mikael Sylvester as the home court caused a lot of transfer expenditure, Wenger in 2008 signings is on price. August 2008, French defender Mikael – pounds from Manchester United for the transfer of Arsenal at $750 thousand. Cyert Weiss took the French compatriot Pascale – he’s No. 18 Jersey, like a joke, and his fellow clumsy. Richard – White in 2001, the young and promising, as long as the replacement of the players in the long term, he was called into the arsenal of the United States, the United States and the United States in the United States, the United States, as a long-term substitute for the United States and the United states. But then Seaman got hurt and the plan changed. White had scored a very famous goal in the face of his opponents, and in less than three weeks he was back on the defensive. White later joined Everton, Arsenal played only 12 League games. David Grondin left back Grondin in 1998 to 500 thousand pounds to Arsenal, but did not make any achievements. Only for the Gunners played a league, after nearly 10 clubs, in 2012, he retired at the age of 36. Pascale played for Xigang at Arsenal he may be in 2002-2006 years, Wenger signed the worst defender. Wearing Jersey No. 18, he played more than and 100 games for the team, but almost no contribution. Sebastian Squillaci another Jersey No. 18 player curse, 2010 Squillaci for 400 pounds worth of arsenal. Wenger had high hopes for him, but Squillaci only played 23 games, the coach can’t stand him, sent him to the French team. Denilson in 2006, the Brazilian to 3 million 400 thousand pounds worth of God from the transfer of St Paul, was described as a mixture of Rosicky and Wenger Gilberto. But Denilson, who later suffered from injury, just finished the season. Andre – Santos in 2011 to join Arsenal at 6 million pounds, is to find a substitute for the players of the players of the – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. But apart from a few good goals, unstable factors Santos is back. He played only 15 games in his first season in the Premier League and then returned home. Wenger)相关的主题文章: