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Well, this is very Android apple iPhone 7 camera system to resolve Apple’s iPhone series phones are also updated to the number of the last seventh generations. The new iPhone 7 has finally lifted its veil of mystery. Dual camera, aperture, virtual simulation, which is now on Android system is the concept of fashion is also used by the apple finally. The iPhone 7 camera system whether it is enough to produce satisfactory answer? The author of this fight to uphold the attitude of not blowing black to chat about the new iPhone 7 shooting system. Parameter no surprise full anti shake greater aperture more lens new iPhone shooting module, we first look at the parameters. From the basic parameters, the new generation of the two iPhone 7 phones are using a mobile phone camera sensor pixel level solutions of 12 million. From the point of view of the number of pixels, a new generation of iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus did not differ from the previous generation. Therefore, the resolution of the photo does not change. And there will be no clear details of the shooting ability to improve, but for the spread of mobile networks, it is fully enough. IPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus main camera upgrade features: the lens aperture increases, from the f 2.2 upgrade to f 1.8 (Plus telephoto lens, maximum aperture of F 2.8) the number of pixels 12 million pixels are kept unchanged, with optical image stabilization module 7 Plus dual camera, can be 2 times the "jump coke" (28mm or 56mm) focusing performance enhancement the future will have a shallow depth of field simulation function of open Raw format "take off" 7 "single" still Plus and iPhone 7, a new generation of iPhone has the difference in the number of camera lens module, the new iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus finally raised the maximum aperture of the lens, so that the new mobile phone aperture increased to f 1.8, the aperture compared to now increased approximately 23 files (the first generation of the maximum aperture of F 2.2). The larger aperture, means more amount of light, the more shallow shallow depth of field. This progress, for the iPhone, it is quite huge. What did not change f 12 million pixels, 1.8 very bright? Samsung has been next door f 1.7 now we are commonly equipped with large aperture camera phone, mostly mobile phones under the Android system. The f 1.8, F, the level of the aperture of the lens for today’s Android phone is concerned, it is not how high the performance of the new parameters of the. Such as the recent hot Samsung Note 7, using the solution of F 1.7 +1200 large aperture lens IMX 260 megapixel sensor. The iPhone 7, it is also possible to use IMX 260 image sensor, but the lens module is different from Samsung, using the f 1.8 equivalent 28m.相关的主题文章: