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Moon cake in the Mid Autumn Festival, the first new moon – Food Channel – People’s original title: moon cake moon cake of the new national standard first show a variety of flavors of moon cake. (Guangzhou Daily reporter Wang Yan) new moon (GB T19855-2015) the implementation of national standard since December last year, compared with the old standard, the new national standard, will pay more attention to the "connotation" moon cakes "according to local flavor classification" to "according to the dispatch characteristic classification, and refine the content of lotus lotus seed paste stuffing mooncake. The seeds should be not less than 60%, the content of 100% can be called pure lotus paste chestnut, Li Rong moon cake fillings content can not be lower than 60% in other conditions. The new national standard "Cantonese style moon cake nuts with five nuts as the main raw material into the moon cake stuffing can be called wide type five Jen moon cake" is "five Jen moon" name. The new national standard, in accordance with the Cantonese style moon cake fillings and stuffing leather can be divided into different categories, paste nuts, fruits and vegetables, meat and aquatic products, prefabricated category, egg yolk, crystal leather, leather, leather ice cream nine categories. According to the old favorite mooncake for example, regulations, content of lotus seed lotus seed paste stuffing mooncake in should not be less than 60%; the content of 100% can be called lotus lotus paste chestnut chestnut; content of not less than 60% in the class of the fillings. The five Ren moon cake "refers to the use of walnuts, almonds, olive kernels, Gua Ziren, sesame seeds 5 main raw material into the moon cake stuffing, stuffing in the mass fraction of kernel content should not be less than 20%. However, the bakery products Standardization Technical Committee Technical Committee made a cake that the term "follow-up, which lists the use of walnuts, almonds, olive kernels, Gua Ziren, sesame seeds five main raw materials of five kinds of nuts, is wide type five Jen moon based on the" basic description ", but" etc. "this word is used in Cantonese, five Jen moon cake ingredients are not limited to the above five kinds of nuts. In addition, the content of fruit in the fruit moon cake fillings of not less than 25%, the mass fraction of meat or meat products in meat and meat products in the moon cake fillings of not less than 5%, the mass fraction of aquatic products, aquatic products like moon cake content of not less than 5%. Reporters search found that there are some vegetarian as raw materials of low sugar cakes on the market, such as pine nuts, bean paste, coconut cheese, Holland Rong, Gan Lirong, grapefruit, and other characteristics of Xianglian pumpkin moon cake fillings. The manufacturers sales staff said, for example, to green tea, coconut, papaya and other raw materials for low sugar moon cake, the total sugar content is only 30%~50% of the traditional moon cake, very suitable for patients with diabetes and the elderly. Reporters found that this kind of moon cake energy accounted for about 15%, accounting for about 10% of protein, fat (trans fatty acids) accounted for about 20%, compared with ordinary moon cake and no significant low sugar, low fat. To claim foods such as "sugar free" to "single, disaccharide = 0.5g / 100" index. The baked food and used for filling in the starch, sucrose, glucose and fructose, single disaccharide index is hard to reach the standard. In this regard, the State Food and drug administration, deputy director of food supervision, said Chen Shaozhou, three, moon cake category of health food相关的主题文章: