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Weight-Loss Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. Is it based purely on genetics? Some obesity may be impacted by genetics, but the truth is, a lifestyle can be adjusted to be more healthy and small changes are key to successful weight loss. In a recent USA Today article written by Susan Bloom, experts offer tips to parents on .bating childhood obesity. Dr. Paul Schwartzberg, program director for pediatric residency at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, acknowledges that healthy foods are not always so easy to find. He says, Sadly, in many areas, access to nutritional foods is not as accessible as it is to fat foods. It’s difficult for people to make reasonable choices on food and portions in today’s ‘supersize’ age, and people are often not educated on the concept of calories and how many calories certain foods contain. Adria Magenheim, a nutritionist, agrees that when it .es to childhood obesity, junk food is a key culprit. She says, The amount of processed food, sugar and corn syrup that kids eat today amounts to nothing but empty calories, from a nutritional perspective. When junk food is .bined with the mostly sedentary lifestyle of many children, it leads to be.ing overweight and obese, explaining the epidemic our country is now struggling to reverse. Schwartzberg also noted that a genetic .ponent does often .e into play. Estimates reveal that children who have one obese parent stand a 50 percent chance of being obese themselves. If both parents are obese, the risk for the child be.es 80 percent. Schwartzberg is striving to make a difference locally. As the medical director for the Neptune-based Let’s Improve Fitness Together (LIFT) program, he regularly works with overweight and obese children and teens to help them establish better eating habits and activity levels. The program teaches kids how to read food labels and count calories, while promoting fun, easy ways to exercise both indoors and outdoors. Parents are also targeted by the program, who need to be involved and educated to help their children be.e successful. Camp Shane has also been actively encouraging weight loss and healthy lifestyles for over 42 years. As the world’s leading and longest-running weight loss camp for children, Camp Shane teaches kids about nutrition, while encouraging fun activity, similarly to the LIFT program. Kids tend to adapt to a new lifestyle best when they are having fun and it doesn’t feel like work. Camp Shane also aims to educate parents about a healthy lifestyle, so that they in turn can help their child succeed. For more weight loss tips , visit Camp Shane online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: