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Was invited to sing K Guangxi female students was 4 male students raped South China Morning Post (reporter correspondent Wang Si Huang Xinru) at the age of 14, he and his partner, from the same school for 7 students bike, until the last students alarm, he was arrested; she and 4 male students to KTV to sing, then go along with the open house, the result was 4 16 year old customers…… Recently, the Nanning Jiangnan District Court reported the typical case of campus crime, which was startling and the parents and schools should pay attention to it. 1 "to go" students 25 yuan was sentenced to 2 years and 16 year old Yang and the Argentine is junior high school students in the school, some small contradictions. One day, in the city of Nanning Su Wei Zhen Su outward intersection to see the Argentine, he immediately found his friend Xiao Fang, the Argentine hostage to the town near the supermarket. Small knife threat, Xiao Yang to the Argentine cuff and kick. After Yang Rang, the Argentine medical expenses paid to him. The Argentine pocket only 25 yuan, Xiao Yang "to go" this 25 yuan. The injured Argentine home and family to see his injuries to choose the alarm. Xiao Yang and Xiao Fang, who heard the wind, chose to escape, but the penniless young poplar chose to surrender. Xiao Yang’s parents after the restitution of 25 yuan for the Argentine, also made the Argentine understanding. Let Yang parents surprise, which is a mere 25 yuan, but to Xiao Yang for 2 years of punishment, 3 years probation, fined 3000 yuan, this is because Yang is a minor to be lenient results. The judge warned that all cases of serious campus robbery to be informed of children robbery are all common crimes. In the robbery the student family condition is not bad, its participation in the robbery, more is not purely for money, psychological factors and follow the trend of more excitement. They are not very clear about the serious legal consequences of robbery. The legal penalty for robbery is more than 3 years, and there is no demand for the amount. The judge suggested that after the legal education, schools should not only inform students, a certain kind of behavior is right or wrong, but also tell students what serious consequences. 2, 14 year old boy stole 7 bike 14 year old Xiao Li drop out "mixed" society, together with his 3 buddy, specifically North Bridge bank robbery by the stairs waiting in Jiangnan Avenue in Nanning city. When he saw a middle school student in Nanning, Zeng pushed a Shanghai Phoenix 26 bike through, Xiao Li threatened with a knife and robbed Zengmou’s bicycle. In the next 8 days, Xiao Li took the same way, at the same place, to take 6 bicycles on a secondary school student. Li’s family chose to call the police because of his resistance to a knife stabbed by Xiao Li. The next day, when Xiao Li and his colleagues robbed them again, they were captured by the police. The judge found that Xiao Li’s character is introverted, the relationship with his father is not harmonious, and the parents’ way of education is rough. Because of improper education, Xiao Li left home for half a year, and went to the streets. Because of no income, it had a mutual influence with other bad teenagers and finally went on the road of crime. At the end of the court, the court sentenced Xiao Li to 12 years of punishment and penalty of 6000 yuan for the crime of robbery. The judge reminded that the victim should report the robbery in time on the campus, to some extent because the victim did not report the case in time, and the crime was indulged. This typical case reflects the lack of education among schools and parents. The judge suggested that schools and parents should tell their students that when their legal rights are violated, they should alert and maintain their rights in time and in time. 3 students were injured to a student in a Guangxi school to help fight stabbing a man 17 years old shen. One afternoon, no class, but suddenly received a call from the students: "the monitor is beaten by other people outside the school, come to see…" A monitor was injured and several male students walked out of the classroom. I heard that the other party is a social youth, and a large number of people, Xiao Shen went back to the dorm and took a horns knife hidden in the waist. They found a class leader, weir at a clinic, and saw a group of young people on the way back to school. Suddenly the people rushed directly to them and beat them. Little Shen saw the other hand are steel tube, chains, so small Shen took the horn knife carrying each other and a handheld steel man rally, with a knife and the other horn…… Shen unexpectedly, he stabbed Chen died of heart and liver rupture. Because Xiao Shen is a minor, the court finally sentenced Xiao Shen to 5 years of punishment with the crime of intentional injury. The judge reminded: to teach children the correct handling of contradictions among the crime of intentional injury on campus shows the brotherhood is heavy, leading to mass brawl many. Minor acts of intentional injury are carried out by minors, and there is no sufficient judgment on the consequences. It is often a fever in the mind, and there are many cases of fighting with a knife or other weapon. The judge suggested that the school should teach the children how to deal with the contradictions and solve the problems in the legal education. Do not use private remedy, violence to solve, but also to clean up their circle of friends circle, away from "bad friends". 4 underage girls were 4 male students at the age of 16 is Guangxi Gang Xiaoqian a secondary technical school students. Long after, Xiaolai 4 male students will go to karaoke night about Xiaoqian, she invited only a little girl, Xiao Qian "Zhongxingpengyue" feeling. The next day at 2 pm, a few people left KTV, they decided to open the hotel room, also followed to xiaoqian. To the hotel, 4 male students did not attend Xiaoqian revolt, has in turn forced sexual relations with her. After dawn, Xiaoqian chose the police to leave the hotel. Subsequently, 4 male students were arrested successively. Public security organs in the confession, several people said, at about when they went to the KTV Xiaoqian, plans to rape her. Finally, Xiaolai 4 boys for rape, won 4 years to 5 years and 5 months of punishment. The judge reminded me that girls should have self-protection awareness for sexual assault, and schools and parents are relatively inadequate in terms of current legal education for girls. For some basic provisions, they are not very clear. For example, sexual relations with young girls under 14 years of age can be identified even by two volunteers. In the case of Xiaoqian 4 boys, directly open room, ready to yebuguisu, and even Xiaoqian basic precautions are not followed, to the 4 boys gang rape opportunities. For crimes of sexual assault, schools and parents should be more open and take seriously and seriously educate children, especially girls, for more knowledge of self protection. As a boy, the basic knowledge of law should also be known.

被邀请去唱K 广西某中专女生竟遭4名男同学轮奸   南国早报(记者王斯 通讯员黄昕如)14岁的他和同伙,连续抢走同一学校7名中学生自行车,直到最后一名同学报警,他才被抓;她和4个男同学去KTV唱歌,随后跟着一起去开房,结果被4名16岁左右的男同学轮奸……近日,南宁市江南区法院通报校园犯罪典型个案,令人触目惊心,家长和学校都应重视。   1“要走”同学25元被判2年   16岁的小杨和阿军是初中同学,在学校有些小矛盾。一天,在南宁市苏圩镇苏保村路口看到阿军后,他马上找来自己的哥们小方,将阿军挟持到镇上一超市旁。小方持刀威胁,小杨对着阿军一顿拳打脚踢。打完后,小杨让阿军支付医药费给他。阿军口袋里只有25元,小杨“要走”了这25元。   受伤的阿军回家后,家人看到他的伤选择了报警。听到风声的小杨和小方选择了逃走,不过身无分文的小杨最后选择了自首。小杨的父母事后退赔了25元给阿军,也取得了阿军的谅解。   让小杨父母意外的是,这区区25元,却给小杨换来2年刑罚,缓刑3年,并处罚金3000元,这还是由于小杨是未成年人予以轻判的结果。   法官提醒:要告知孩子抢劫的严重性   校园抢劫类案件全部都是共同犯罪。参与抢劫的学生家庭条件并不差,其参与抢劫,更多的并不是纯粹的为了贪财,寻求刺激和跟风的心理成分更大。对于抢劫的严重法律后果,他们不是很清楚。   抢劫的法定刑是3年以上,对于数额没有要求。法官建议,以后的法制教育,学校不仅仅要告知学生,某一类行为的对错基本判断,而且要告知学生有什么严重后果。   2、14岁少年抢走7辆自行车   14岁的小黎早早辍学“混”社会,他伙同3个小伙伴,专门守在南宁市江南大道上北大桥南的人行楼梯处伺机抢劫。当他看见南宁市某中学学生曾某推着一辆上海凤凰牌26�自行车经过时,小黎即持刀威胁,抢走了曾某的自行车。   在接下来的8天时间里,小黎采取相同的方法,在相同地点,又连续抢走某中学学生6辆自行车。其中李某因为反抗被小黎持刀捅伤,李某家人选择了报警。次日,就在小黎和同伙再次抢劫时,被民警抓获。   法官调查发现,小黎性格内向,与父亲关系很不融洽,父母的教育方式粗暴。因教育方式不当致小黎离家出走半年,流落街头,因无收入,与其他不良青少年相互影响,最终走上犯罪道路。最终法院以抢劫罪,判处小黎12年刑罚,并处罚金6000元。   法官提醒:受到侵害要及时报案   校园抢劫,在某种程度上是因为被害人没有及时报案,而放纵了犯罪。这个典型案例反映了学校和家长对孩子教育的不足。法官建议,学校和家长要告诉学生,在自己的合法权利受到侵犯以后,要及时及时报警,维护自己的权利。   3 同学受伤去帮忙打架捅死一人   17岁的小沈是广西某中专的一名学生。一天下午没课,却突然接到同学电话:“班长在学校外面被别人殴打了,快来看看……”一听班长被打伤了,几个男同学一起从教室往外走。听说对方是社会青年,且人数众多,小沈就回到宿舍拿了一把牛角刀藏在腰间防身。   他们在一家诊所发现了班长韦某,回学校的路上看见有一帮社会青年。突然那帮人就直接向他们冲过来殴打他们。小沈看见对方手里拿有钢管、铁链,于是小沈就拿出身上携带的牛角刀和对方一名手持钢管的男子对打了起来,用牛角刀刺中了对方……   让小沈没想到的是,他刺中的陈某因心脏及肝脏破裂而死亡。因为小沈是未成年人,法院最终以故意伤害罪,判处小沈5年的刑罚。   法官提醒:教孩子正确处理矛盾   在校园故意伤害犯罪呈现出江湖义气较重,导致群体性的斗殴事件众多。未成年人实施故意伤害行为,对于后果没有足够的判断。往往是头脑一发热,就拿刀或者其他凶器进行斗殴,这种案件非常多。   法官建议,学校在进行法制教育时,要教会孩子如何正确地处理矛盾,解决问题。不要采用私力救济,以暴制暴的方式去解决,同时也要净化他们的朋友圈社交圈,远离“坏朋友”。   4 未成年女孩遭4名男同学轮奸   16岁的小倩是广西某中专学校的学生。五一长假刚过,小赖等4名男同学便约小倩去K歌,当晚受邀请的只有她一名女生,小倩有点“众星捧月”的感觉。   次日凌晨2时许,几人离开KTV,便决定到宾馆开房,小倩也跟着一同前往。到了宾馆后,4名男同学完全不顾小倩的反抗,先后轮流强行与小倩发生性关系。   天亮后,小倩离开宾馆选择了报警。随后,4名男同学相继被捕。在公安机关的供述中,几人坦言,在约小倩去K歌时,他们就计划要轮奸小倩。最终,小赖等4名男生因强奸罪,分获4年到5年5个月的刑罚。   法官提醒:女生要有自我保护意识   对于性侵犯罪,学校和家长目前对女生的法律教育相对不足,对于一些基本的规定都不太清楚。比如,与未满14周岁的幼女发生性关系的,即使是两人自愿,也可以认定强奸。   在小倩一案中,4个男生直接开房,准备夜不归宿,而小倩居然连基本的防范意识都没有,也跟着去了,给了4个男生轮奸的机会。   对于性侵犯罪,学校和家长都应该以更为开放的态度,认真、严肃教育孩子,尤其是女生,多一些自我保护知识。作为男生,也应当知道最基本的法律知识。相关的主题文章: