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Want to buy SUV but can not shake the number of how to do it? Try Huatai XEV260 – Sohu car [Sohu motor E electric park] looked at the side of a friend or sell or change on the SUV, it is sufficient to prove that SUV in the country have more fire! Large space, good vision, through good and so on are the advantages of SUV. However, if you have not shake, only looking at others anxious. You say, it is not the electric car Yaohao, but the market is not what I can choose electric SUV, racking his brain like a long time, is Beiqi EX200 and JAC iEV6S two small guy is considered to the general public choice (to buy Tesla Model X that the toy’s nouveau riche). This time, the development of XEV260 based on the development of the compact SUV Huatai may let you add a no Yao Hao can open SUV new choice. After my colleagues have on this car detailed real experience "body size high mileage long experience Huatai XEV260", so since this is the test article, so we went straight to the theme, look at this car driving experience will be? Don’t worry about power daily driving a new version of the Santa Fe surplus compared to gasoline, three yuan of lithium ion batteries added 49.9kWh the mass by 1460kg 1484kg, instantly increased to 2139kg, and compared to the gasoline version of the 1.5T engine maximum power 115kW, maximum torque of 215Nm power level, the liquid cooling and Thailand XEV260 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power 80kW, maximum torque of 220Nm, the book is not parameters than the 1.5T engine strong. Low power book data, plus more than two tons in weight, which I have to drive at the beginning of the dynamic performance of it has been questioned. But fortunately, after I opened this Huatai XEV260, I doubt all disappeared. But at the start, the switch will be slightly delayed reaction, accelerate the overall feel is quite good. Thanks to the motor for the first time can be the maximum torque broke out, so there is no worry about the low torsional performance of gasoline engine, the torque of 220Nm against the body weight of 2 tons is not difficult. In addition, transmission and single stage gearbox motor with power of more directly, do not worry about the transmission loss of the traditional gasoline car engine performance and shift abort, but accelerated process more smoothly. The official given 0-50km h acceleration time of 5.2s, which is also concerned about the electric car in the past. It is worth mentioning that, in actual driving, even 60-80km h or even 80-100km h way to speed up ability is also very good, either 60km h or 80km h at cruise speeds, a sudden increase in electric strength, can still feel the power reserve a pedal, driving a car or daily super very easily the.相关的主题文章: