Wang Jianlin said the price and safety caused by consumption spillover refused to invest in

Wang Jianlin said the price and consumer safety caused by spillover   refused to go to South Korea plastic surgery hospital investment — — property original title: Wang Jianlin said the price and consumer safety overflow refused to go to Korea investment plastic surgery hospital to build a platform for cross-border electricity consumers China global consumption, many enterprises into this field. However, the impact of electricity consumption by bag consumption market, Wanda came from traditional industries show "overseas consumption growth far exceeds domestic consumption prospects. Recently, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin in the business forum said that the price and the safety factor is an important cause of Chinese to overseas consumption, so to control the phenomenon of fake and shoddy, policy design system, to pull back overseas consumption. While the previous concern Wanda business, also turned into the lead in the business meeting once a year. Securities Daily reporters at the scene found that the first time where the electricity supplier to the merchant to show the wisdom of shopping, food and beverage and other consumer scene, and the intention of merchants to export this product, in order to enhance the performance of domestic shopping malls. According to the official data released in 2015, China’s overseas tourism consumption is 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan, of which the hospital is used for shopping in the consumption of 700 billion yuan for air tickets accommodation. According to foreign authoritative media released data show that Chinese people in overseas consumption of about 150 billion U.S. dollars, the total consumption of these two is RMB 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan. Wang Jianlin said that overseas consumption growth rate is much faster than the domestic growth rate. Even if China’s economy continues to slow, in contrast to last year, compared to the difficult circumstances, overseas tourism consumption has increased by 20%". But the reason for the rapid growth of overseas consumption, Wang Jianlin said, "I think the first is the price, the price is one of the most important trump card to attract consumers, many people say is China high tariffs, but the price is not completely this factor, it is a system, is the overall price system is a problem; second is a security issue, for example, in Guangdong, whether it is fake or counterfeit production, consumption, there is this very common phenomenon. Separated by a river in Hongkong, there are very few fakes, so some people will be sentenced to buy milk powder in Hongkong. Therefore, I think this consumer safety is in the domestic consumption environment, there is a problem, the consumption is unsafe, is the cause of our consumer movement is important". "Now there is a new phenomenon, is the daily necessities we go abroad to buy lots of domestic energy production, in fact the quality may not be worse than abroad a lot, such as milk powder, medicine, and even appliances, this is a very significant change." Wang Jianlin said, for example, a lot of people go abroad for medical examination, cosmetic surgery. Because the Chinese go to South Korea plastic surgery, the lifting of the Korean cosmetic industry. "South Korea Seoul next to a region I find that the government of the government to come out, you do not want money, investment, investment of about 20 to 30 home plastic surgery hospital, I said why, he said Chinese plastic here too much, but it affect their reputation, dragons and fishes jumbled together, they can choose 20, 30 brand hospital here, you do it)相关的主题文章: