Wang Cheng DiNapoli levels comprehensive analysis of short and medium gold autobots

Wang Cheng: Dinapoli levels comprehensive analysis of the short term Sina Gold Fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The life of a world, the vegetation one autumn. In the world who can escape two things, one is cause and effect, the two is impermanence! The greater the amount of heart, the lighter the worry; the smaller the heart, the more trouble. Static to Hui, wise men worry, care is pain, is pain, it is a blessing. All personnel and heaven, it is happy not injure others and ruin oneself, will not be strong to you. First of all, it seems to me that global easing has not boosted the economy, and has punished a number of ordinary people with high savings rates! More central bank fundamentals we put in the analysis of the article in the currency, just finished the tone of the G20 conference policy is to reduce the weight of monetary policy, increase the weight of fiscal policy. The world may already be at a turning point in global liquidity. On Friday the global market volatility is back, but no one expected, stocks long consolidation was so fierce — or a "maximum level of a British exit" since the panic VIX index soared 40%; the figure shows, investors are expected to increase in September is a 30% chance that, prior to January 20%; December rate hike the possibility of 60.4%, prior to January 40.8%. We first look at the gold weekly chart of gold in September 2nd when Fanchou Zhou appeared back to OP=1303 F3=1308, then in the last week, the shadow of a long inverted hammer, and the trend from the index of MACD DMP predictor, the weekly trend is not real but bullish rebound, so if the weekly business within the next 2 weeks don’t stand on the original pressure F5=1346, even if the rebound is likely will fall, once the mid tumbled, currently in the F5=1266 XOP =1263 is below the support line, here is the long-term game player are good buy! Take a look at the daily chart on the daily chart we see at the logical decline target after OP=1303 with negative effects and non-agricultural data to the United States on Wednesday near the 1354 level, technical analysis and fundamental again perfect fit, the daily closing as long as not less than MACD predictor DMP trend index words are likely to continue to rebound upward current. DMP is in the 1321 line of false prediction. If there is still upward pressure on the weekly F5=1346 line; finally, look at the 1 hour chart of gold 1 hours chart, small amplitude fall days F5=1331.28 after compression, below the support in F3=1327 and F5=1324, the operator can choose to do more in F3=1327, with a stop at 1324 can be! This week the Bank of England and the Swiss National Bank announced the results of the policy meeting the same day. In addition, the United States announced the main indicators of the week, as well as Australia and the United Kingdom a lot of data. More fundamental analysis we put on the money market theory相关的主题文章: