Volkswagen announced 2025 strategy layoffs of 30 thousand + down research and development budget-gamelink

Volkswagen announced 2025 strategies: 30 thousand layoffs + R & D budget cut local time on November 18th, according to the German "car magazine" reported that Volkswagen CEO Mullen announced a popular strategy in 2025, plans to lay off nearly 30 thousand people, saving 3 billion 700 million euro, down to 6% the proportion of investment and development. Mullen said that due to the high cost of exhaust gas, the public’s 2025 strategy must be consistent with the development of today". Volkswagen prepared for the exhaust gas 18 billion 200 million euros, of which nearly $16 billion for the aftermath of the U.S. market. Industry experts analyze the cost is still far from enough, which is reflected in the latest public strategy in 2025. According to the public in 2025 strategy, the proportion of R & D investment will decline year by year, in 2020 will be only 6% of the group’s turnover, and this figure in the year of 2015 or 6.9%. VW has reduced its investment of nearly 1 billion euros this year. "We have a clear focus on our investments, and Volkswagen Group will focus more," he said". He said that the current public weakness is the future of the group, in order to ensure the future is still the world leader in the automotive industry, the public decided to start the electric car, car networking and new car services, research and development to provide economic support in these areas. Mullen said Volkswagen will launch more than 30 pure electric vehicles by 2025. Frank Whitel, chief financial officer, Witter, said: "considering the current challenges and the subsequent issues of the exhaust valve, it is particularly difficult to make this year’s group investment plan (Frank)". He said that the public is not only faced with the high cost of exhaust gas, but also the urgent need for restructuring, reform and innovation, innovation and emission reduction pressure also requires great cost and investment spending". Mullen announced that the group and the trade unions agreed that it would lay off nearly 30 thousand people in the next few years, with an annual cost savings of $3 billion 700 million by 2020. By 2021 the group will save about 100 billion euros. According to Mullen, group and union agreed that the public needs to reform, the two sides "future plan" (Zukunftspakt) reached an agreement to cut 30 thousand jobs in Germany involving 23 thousand people, mainly concentrated in six factories in Germany Volkswagen engden (Emden), Hannover, wolf ‘s castle, Salzgitter (Salzgitter), Brunswick (Braunschweig), Cassell and Isaacson. But mu stressed that the new field will also be in the field of electric vehicles 9000. Chairman of the popular Union (with reference, pictures, inquiry) Bernd Osterloh said this is a compromise between the two sides can afford, we can therefore enter a new era". "The future plan is the biggest innovation in the history of our core brand development," he said. "We all know that our work has only just begun". The Volkswagen brand will expand its electric vehicle, the three factory will focus on electric vehicles, pure electric SUV plans to launch the production headquarters in Germany wolf ‘s castle factory. "Car weekly" quoted the Volkswagen brand internal documents, Volkswagen I. D. electric car will be in Zwickau, Germany (Zwickau).相关的主题文章: