Vitel there is no rift with the leader of Adrian

Vitel: and the leader of Adrian BABEI does not exist in the crack Ferrari Vitel sina sports weekend Italy media reported Ferrari team leader Adrian BABEI hinted that Ferrari will not be unconditional contract with Vitel, the renewal depends on Vitel’s own performance. These remarks triggered a response in the circle. But in an interview in Japan, Vitel insisted that he is not cracked and the team manager Adrian BABEI in between. On Friday, Italy Sky Sports interview with Ferrari team manager Adrian BABEI, when talking about whether Ferrari will treat Schumacher as before, through the contract with Vitel to stimulate the latter confidence when Adrian BABEI gave a negative answer. He stressed that Vitel must make their own efforts to earn a contract renewal. The contract between Germany and Ferrari will expire at the end of next season. This season has been a frustrating year for Ferrari and drivers. Vitel is under more pressure because of his recent performance far behind teammate Raikkonen. Last week the Malaysia Grand Prix season the match, Vitel on the first lap ran into Rosberg led to his retirement. In the driver’s standings, Vitel ranked fifth, behind teammate Raikkonen of the 7 points. Said: "today, Sebastian still has a contract with us. We will work with him this year, next year. Next season, we will consider the question of renewal". Adrian BABEI also said: "everyone has a goal, I have had, Sebastian also had, by everyone. So everyone needs to earn their place by their own efforts. Sebastian just needs to focus on the car. Adrian BABEI added that he is already paying so many people, sometimes it means that he of all things are so interested in". Vitel said that he did not know the words in BABEI adrian. "I have a good relationship with him, there is nothing between us and our goal is the same – to make progress, to make the team stronger, to win the game. This is a year of ups and downs, but the focus is still on and progress". 29 year old Vitel has not yet won this year. In the 16 games he has played, he has only made a six appearance. This weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, Vitel will do his best to add points. In the afternoon of qualifying, Vitel won the fourth, behind teammate Raikkonen won the third, but due to collision of the last race is punished, Vitel in the race will start from seventh. But because only behind the front Mercedes in less than half a second, Vitel was encouraged by the prospects. "It was a really good car today," he said. "I made a few mistakes in the last time, Kimi’s work is better, but today is a positive day. A lot of people say we don’t have any chances here, but I think we’ve shown that the car is in good shape and we’re not far from the front". (Koala)相关的主题文章: