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Vista Pam light shine Felipe farewell fight back with regret and Raikkonen had Saiweiteer friends next year alongside teammates in November 14th sports into Tencent today for the 2016 season F1 Brazil Grand Prix race, Mercedes once again to complete the 1+2 equation, Red Bull Giancarlo Vista Pam in the final moments of a crazy move to get third on the podium, Ferrari the Vettel team won the fifth; Raikkonen and Massa home court in the game because of the crash regret retire – Vista Pam light shine the game championship despite again by the Mercedes team won, but the track on the brightest star is not Red Bull driver Vista Pam, in the game he has surpassed Raikkonen and Rosberg in the game, and the end of the stage, because of the team Red Bull tire policy A little mistake, Vista Pam’s ranking fell to the end of the team, but he began in the last ten laps crazy overtaking performance, and ultimately won the incredible performance of the top third. After the game Vista Pam for his performance was satisfied, he said it in the beginning of the game beyond Raikkonen have more confidence in the final stage of the game: "if we didn’t go for half rain tyres, so we can get at least second Champions, there is hope. But sometimes we all need to make a bet. I had a couple of great passes today and it made me happy. When I was over Raikkonen at the start of the game, I tried a few different lines, and I found a very good overtaking line." Vista Pam said: "I met a breathtaking skid when chasing Hamilton, fortunately I took the car back to save the team later, let me stop, but then it began to rain in the last paragraph, can not use wet tyres to run, all and only then stop again. At that time I fell to sixteenth, and then I began to overtake crazy, can be on the podium is a great result." Vettel: Ferrari Vista Pam reckless overtaking Vettel won fifth place in today’s game, in the game he had been forced to overtake Vista Pam’s experience, the two was constantly under the driver, now it is with his enemies. Vettel criticized Vista Pam after overtaking reckless: "at that time, he and I was driving side by side, he saw me, my front wing is slightly ahead of a point, although his speed is much faster, but I don’t think that he is right, he pushed me off the track, I think this is completely reckless." Raikkonen: for the race nineteenth laps crash completely at a loss what to do, when the safety car restart after the evacuation, there was a serious accident Raikkonen, his car was completely out of control, and has the track on both sides of the wall in the collision, fortunately when his car was sideways across the track was not hit the other car, then the the flag interrupted the match. Raikkonen said after the game for the crash itself completely not what to do: "at the time of rainfall is not great, but the track is still very slippery, I was racing in the water after passing completely out of control, I totally did not)相关的主题文章: