Venture capital optimistic about the fourth quarter pan infrastructure

Venture capital: the fourth quarter optimistic about the pan capital shares Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Huang Lei, editor Chen Yu comes at a critical point, the insurance institutions holding a large amount of money, now how much attention. Shanghai Securities News reporter with a number of large insurance institutional investors exchange about short-term strategy, part of the mainstream insurance institutions remain optimistic about the fourth quarter band operation strategy, extensive infrastructure stocks policy good sustained release, especially at the same time, benefit from the "The Belt and Road", the supply side reform of high-quality stocks. The mainstream insurance agency investment manager told reporters: "the concept of PPP plate in the near future as the starting point of promoting the steady growth of private capital double gain market, larger identity. Downward pressure on economic growth continued in the background, the second half of the infrastructure sector policy support and the actual investment is expected to continue to release." From the pan infrastructure strategy, we can see the insurance fund current preference for cyclical stocks. In an interview with reporters in Beijing and Shanghai insurance institutions more consistent view is that on the one hand, this firm bullish cyclical stocks, on the other hand, sustained attention to underestimate the value of a high dividend yield stocks, mainly grasp the two types of stock investment opportunities. The overall investment strategy, by insurance institutions with investment manager said, in pursuit of ample liquidity, higher yielding assets is extremely scarce, in this context, as the demand for asset allocation on the stock market long-term insurance funds of funds still exist. "But in the short-term strategy, will continue to be the main band, more and more sustained opportunity or need further evidence from improving corporate earnings, interest rates down and reform than expected four quarter, therefore need to focus on the changes of the three factors." For nearly two days of adjustment, the insurance sector investment manager said that the adjustment is expected to be flexible, patiently waiting for the opportunity to bargain hunting better positions. In the short term, the pattern of market volatility has not changed." "We believe that in the case of repeated movements, now the importance of timing may be greater than the stock, and the timing and strategy of judgment is more difficult than the stock more difficult." A number of mainstream insurance insiders told reporters that the current range of its trading band is still set between 2800 to 3200 points. The reporter combing the recent number of investment insurance agencies responsible person interview can be seen, the insurance funds this year’s task is the first to hold the "absolute" profit, namely the investment income to cover the liability side of the cost of capital. Therefore, in the absence of endogenous market power, do not have a strong breakthrough in the case, is expected to strengthen the band operation will become the majority of the insurance industry investment managers tactics. In addition, the gradual decline in the mainland interest rate is expected to narrow, for the thickening of the safety pad, some insurance institutions will look to overseas capital markets. Especially recently, the insurance funds to participate in Shanghai and Hong Kong through the pilot gate, a lot of investment insurance agencies responsible person told reporters expressed "will focus on scarce, and underestimate the value of blue chip stocks with high dividend yields" idea. According to several senior insurance theory相关的主题文章: