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Varicose veins in the third trimester of pregnancy? Come and try this recipe – the original Sohu maternal, welcome to share media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 as usual, after supper the pregnant mother, but when she starts to soak the foot, rolled up pants, his leg on the occurrence of blue blood vessel is prominent, winding, like a a small insect, scared pregnant mother tears streaming down. In fact, the situation of the pregnant mother, we often say that gestational varicose veins. What is the pregnancy varicose varicose veins of the leg is system diseases, mainly for the blue blood vessels prominent, crooked, like a small insect. Varicose veins will not only appear in the pregnant mother’s leg, and appeared in the foot, even the vulva. Lead to hormonal changes in pregnancy because pregnant mother varices, leading to accumulation of blood in lower limbs; the increase of gestational age, your baby will become large, compression of abdominal vein, lower limb blood flow is blocked; pregnant mother increased, aggravating the burden of blood vessels, resulting in water can not be discharged. During pregnancy, the risk of varicose veins of pregnant mothers, blood is easy to gather into a ball, and the blood vessels are fragile, easy to crack. If the blood vessels rupture, the consequences can be imagined, pregnant mothers and babies are not small harm. How to relieve varicose veins during pregnancy: dove in addition to the above said methods, proper exercise and massage can also help the pregnant mother’s blood circulation, such as walking, yoga, leg massage etc..相关的主题文章: