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Up to 5 trillion of the sports market, the opportunity to start a company where? Wen Wu Yang Keyue – Sohu + science and Technology Entrepreneurship Research Institute produced a small table, if the definition of "unicorn" is more than $1 billion valuation of the company, in the field of sports "unicorn" are to buy to buy Super bigwigs wayward: MMA events? UFC – $4 billion takeover of Hollywood sports entertainment giant WME-IMG F-1? – $4 billion 400 million Racing League was acquired by the U.S. media giant free media group? Guangzhou Hengda — $1 billion 200 million, Ali acquired its 50% stake even do intermediary business, but also the $1 billion level:? Sports copyright purchase, management and distribution company MP& Silva – $1 billion by the storm’s mergers and acquisitions the fund bought a 65% stake? Sports marketing company infront sports — 1 billion euros by Wanda merger even buy exclusive rights That is $100 million:? Hongkong Premier League 3 years exclusive broadcast rights — $200 million to sell music as sports? NBA Chinese area 5 years of exclusive network copyright — $500 million sold to Tencent not to mention the market value of 50 billion $ESPN (entertainment and sports television network) and the $100 billion NIKE. Per capita GDP reached 8000$, the sports industry will usher in the outbreak, and in 2015 China’s per capita GDP is more than 8000$of the first year. In addition to buying buy big brothers, venture companies can also find opportunities? The traditional sports market size of 1 trillion and 500 billion is expected to reach 5 trillion in 2025 to watch sports growth in a larger space, but in sports are still big with the increase of per capita GDP, Chinese ornamental type sports there are at least 1.8 times growth space. Chinese? Ornamental type sports: participatory sports =0.23? American ornamental type sports: participatory sports to participate in sports for the =0.67? =0.67 base year, growth of 0.23-1=1.8 times, regardless of China America, are the dominant sports participation. Data source: "how does the Chinese sports market cake divide? "ECapital, the State Sports General Administration, public information collation) expected ornamental sports, participatory sports will be in CAGR=20%, CAGR=12% growth rate of China’s sports industry scale in 2016 1 trillion and 500 billion, the State Council document No. 46 proposed to accelerate the development of the sports industry, to reach 5 trillion in 2025. Among them, ornamental type sports: in 2016 the market size of $289 billion 500 million, is expected to reach 15500 in 2025 $CAGR=20% billion. Participation in sports: the market size in 2016 12093 $billion, is expected to reach 34500 in 2025 $CAGR=12% billion (source: "Chinese sports market how to divide the cake? "ECapital, the State Sports General Administration, public information) as a new gaming)相关的主题文章: