Unlock the suspense champion Suning by Evergrande didn’t win but expanded the advantages of SAP-sexhu

The title race unlock? Suning by SAP did not win but expanded Hengda advantage Suning suffered SAP sina sports league nears its end, Suning Hengda Title Impact is a major part of this season’s Super League, the twenty-sixth round, the first game Hengda draw on Hong Kong, only got 1 points, for this the underdog against Hangzhou Greentown Suning, won the golden opportunity to chase points, however, Jiangsu Suning did not understand the Hengda "good", not only did not get away by opponents to 3 to 0 win over, Suning’s performance is striking, and achieved 6 consecutive super Hengda which seems to have desire point the day and await for it. Before the current round of the competition, Suning will shrink the gap with the leader Hengda points to 6 points. In the league and the 7 round of the case, the suspense title became whirling. This round of the game, Hengda and the Hong Kong first started GalAT strong dialogue, the penalty kick missed scoring chances in the match, Li Xuepeng, Chen Zepeng and Kim were injured to be Hengda crown road a shadow, and for Suning won a golden opportunity to chase. The campaign against relegation strugglers Hangzhou Greentown, not surprisingly, Su Ningruo scored three points, and the gap of the Hengda will be reduced to 4 minutes, Suning in the last second rounds with Hengda there is a head-on collision, if the difference is only 4 points, can be said that everything is likely. However, the weather is unpredictable, like Suning the fantastic performance for all the good that the entire game Suning vanish like soap bubbles, players like sleepwalking, be in the blues opponents toudingjiaoti connected to the three ball, eventually had to accept defeat away without success. As a result, Suning instead of reducing the gap with Hengda, Hengda instead of absolute superiority to 7 points behind, left in the League 4, Suning to Jedi I’m afraid the difficulty is not small. In the second round of the last round of the league, Suning home Hengda game is still with suspense, but also the next round of Suning performance of the next 2. In the next race, removing the direct confrontation between the two sides, Suning will face on Hong Kong, Lifan and Liaozu challenge, in addition to the Hong Kong strength slightly, to avoid relegation basic free Lifan and Liaozu are unable to Su Ning theory constitutes a sufficient threat, but if the Suning in accordance with the state, then the result another matter. Hengda next to usher in Yongchang, Yanbian, Suning and Luneng challenge, especially in the last round of the league, the general will be home against luneng. Last season, Luneng is in the final moments of lore, ruined Hengda ahead of a round of the championship celebration. But if the game Hengda win over Yongchang, Suning home court losing to Hong Kong, both the gap widened to 10 points, ahead of the 2 round of super Hengda won six consecutive championships. (Wang Wang)相关的主题文章: