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The two presidential candidates to "sun" examination results: Trump overweight – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Trump? 14, were published for more information about their health. Information shows that Hilary is currently suffering from bacterial pneumonia, Trump is taking cholesterol lowering drugs and overweight. However, observers believe that Hilary’s medical report revealed some previously unknown diseases and surgery, Trump is the use of a medical talk show to do publicity, the extent to reassure voters are unknown. Hilary "betrayed" busy remedy according to a statement of Hilary’s personal doctor Hilary campaign released the same day, Hilary in 9 days this month examination was found suffering from non contagious bacterial pneumonia, antibiotics and recuperation after recovery in good condition, will not affect the position as president of the United states". Bardac was Hilary’s personal doctor, he said, cholesterol, triglycerides and other indicators of Hilary normal, "no other indicators of general physical examination abnormalities, mental health is also very good". According to Bardac, the 68 year old Mr Hilary has long been taking warfarin and some allergic drugs, blood pressure is relatively stable". The American media reported earlier, Hilary 1998 non-stop run around in various campaign activities, leading to thrombosis during knee; and later served as secretary of state had fainted at home and a concussion, the head of a thrombogenic. Hilary had published a medical record in July 2015, but the outside world has been questioned about her own history of "reservations". This month 11 days, Hilary in New York, a public event on the physical discomfort, by hand and leave, later diagnosed with pneumonia. Many people criticized Hilary on the 2 day he was unwell and newly diagnosed pneumonia 9 days, confirm the appointment, but until the 11 day after the illness admitted "betrayed". Bardac, Hilary is currently taking antibiotics and proper rest, pneumonia recovery is good. Trump fancy drying single in the same day, the United States recorded the health program, Dr. Ozzy show, also revealed some of the recent results of the physical examination of the contents of the. Currently, he weighs 236 pounds (about 107 kg), taking cholesterol lowering statins, specific interviews will be broadcast at local time 15. But according to NBC quoted the program as a witness to the scene, the doctor Ozzy, the host of the show, said Trump was "slightly overweight."". It was revealed that in this TV show, Dr. Ozzy asked Trump: "if your health is as good as it looks…… Why don’t you show your medical records?" "I have no objection to that," said Trump, 70. I’ll take it with me. I should do this! It doesn’t matter." Then, in the audience’s applause and cheers, Trump pulled out a medical report last week from his pocket. The program said in a statement, Dr. Ozzy on Trump’s physical indicators of a full range of attention, in the interview also involves cardiovascular health, home.相关的主题文章: