UnCategorized Many people are attracted to the income potential that network marketing opportunities present and find themselves sucked into the dream. This dream is the often heard sales pitch of being your own boss 南昌航空大学科技学院教学管理部

UnCategorized Many people are attracted to the income potential that network marketing opportunities present and find themselves sucked into the dream. This dream is the often heard sales pitch of being your own boss, making your own hours and living the life you always dreamed of. So why is it that most people who pursue this dream fail? We are going to take a look at what you should expect with your first year in network marketing and how you can be one of the survivors that come out on top. Day 1 This is when you first officially sign up. People on this level are usually pumped full of adrenaline and are ready to take on the world. In their minds they think that they have found the perfect opportunity and are ready to sit back and collect checks for the rest of there life. Day 1 Tip: Don’t get too excited right away. You have to sit back and be realistic and say to yourself, "I am going to have to do some work for this dream to become a reality." Before you even start you should have a business plan, contact your sponsor and ask them for the best plan of action and set small goals for yourself that can easily be achieved. If your goals are too big from the start, you are going to get discouraged because you will not reach them in a realistic time frame. Month 1 The first month is usually what weeds out the serious team players from the opportunity seekers. After your first month, you should know if this is really for you and something you want to pursue. Too many people in network marketing fail to see results in the first month and quit to try and find the better deal. In reality even if they find a better deal they will only wind up quitting again because they will repeat the same cycle of taking no action, seeing no results and getting discouraged and quitting once again. Month 1 Tip: By now you should know if you are going to stick it out for the long haul in network marketing. Your first month will probably be a loss if you are new to the business but now you should have a plan of action to start seeing results. Your next step is to make sure the people you sponsor have a system to duplicate your success. You have to be a mentor to your team just like your sponsor is to you. Now is the time to start training the people on your team who are willing to work and your business should double or even triple in the next couple of months. Concentrate on your top 3 distributors. If you don’t have any yet, just keep on recruiting and eventually you will find a power distributor. Year 1 By this point after your first year in network marketing your business should be comfortably growing exponentially every month. You have to remember also that if you were to start a regular brick and mortar business, you sometimes don’t see profit for 3-5 years. The great thing about network marketing is that you can get into profit very quickly if you work it hard. There might be some people that are not making money at the end of year one. These people are the no action takers and are sitting back waiting for their upline to do the work for them. It is never going to happen for them and they will be constantly searching for the easy way out. Sometimes these people might stay on your team for years and not make any money. Although they may make you money, it is better off not having them because you are wasting your time trying to train them when you can be training more willing individuals. First Year In Network Marketing Tip: At this point if you have done your homework and have followed your business plan you should have a nice size organization that is bringing in nice residual income. The most important thing to do now is not get lazy. Many network marketers make the mistake of slowing down when there business gets big and expect it to run on autopilot. This is not true and you can never stop sponsoring. You must always sponsor new people because there are always going to be people that drop out, even heavy hitters, so you need to stay on top of your game. You have probably heard that this business is just a numbers game. Their is some truth to that but trust me you are better off with quality over quantity in this business. Your first year in network marketing is about building relationships with your team members and downline and learning the ins and outs of the business. After your first year you should be an expert and ready to take on new things. It is very important to remember to have a positive attitude and realistic goal setting to get through your first year in network marketing. If you do this you will be way ahead of the 95% that fail. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: