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Uber automatic driving global debut: 193 km and 50 thousand cans of beer a perfect journey – Sohu technology in August this year was $680 million acquisition of Uber automatic driving Truck Company Otto, finally in the morning 20 days this month, completed the world’s first automatic delivery truck driving task. The driver Martin Walter? Will this 18 – wheel truck from the Fort Collins brewery on interstate 25, opened the "take over" switch trucks into autopilot mode, then he got up from the back seat to the driver’s seat, fasten the safety belt close. In the absence of interference, Otto truck automatic driving 120 miles (about 193 kilometers) arrived in Colorado springs, Anheuser Busch Brewery (Anheuser-Busch) carrying 50 thousand cans of Budweiser. Colorado Department of transportation officials participated in the line planning, and supervision of the entire process of automatic driving. While the truck is on the way, the Colorado patrol is following. After delivery, the brewery paid $470 for shipping. The truck driver is out of work? This is not an ordinary test, 193 km means that the Otto autopilot system has practical value. Unlike Tesla’s Autopilot autopilot system, the Otto system provides a true 4 level of autonomy, once into the interstate, it will be able to completely take over the driver, the liberation of the driver’s hands. The automatic driving and the principle of similar aircraft: pilot aircraft autopilot off open to a certain height, the aircraft automatically according to the specified attitude, heading, altitude and speed of flight, the pilot will focus on the completion of other work related to the flight safety. But drivers need not worry, the automatic driving system of Otto can only be used for highway, high-speed road traffic is relatively simple, do not have to avoid pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles parked on the roadside. At the same time, it will allow the vehicle to maintain a safe distance, and only when it is necessary to change lanes. In the last few kilometers to reach the destination, due to enter the complex urban road conditions, or need to switch to manual driving mode. Photo: The Verge Otto also said that their system is not intended to compete with the drivers, its co-founder Lior Ron believes that in the future, the role of drivers may be more like a "port" pilot, responsible for guiding the truck to arrive at the destination. At least for the foreseeable future, the driver is still an integral part of the autopilot, but in addition to dealing with complex road conditions, they can also do something else. "I think I have to practice yoga." Martin joked in an interview. Truck is expected to take the lead in achieving large-scale automatic driving pictures from: The Verge Otto installed in the test truck autopilot相关的主题文章: