U.S. record exposure Jr contract deadlock Knight does not want to provide 15 million contract – Sohu-tonya mitchell

America exposure JR signed 15 million contract to provide deadlock Knight – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 19, 2016, according to the American news media, signing the Cleveland Cavaliers and JR- Smith may have stalled, the reason lies in the knight to open a $15 million salary contract to JR. The new season training camp will start soon, the Knights won the line-up is not completely return to become the free player JR- Smith has not signed his contract and knight, and may have reached an impasse. According to the "Cleveland daily" reporter Joe to boarding news, at the signing of JR- Smith, Cleveland has interest in JR on the sidelines of the other teams, and try to make a reasonable valuation. According to earlier reports, JR hopes to sign an annual salary of $15 million contract, according to his performance on the court and the final play, as well as a sharp rise in wages cap, this requirement is not unreasonable. But the problem is that the current team has more than Cleveland salary cap of $20 million, although they can according to the rules of super cap renewal JR, but because the market is interested in JR a good team, the knights wanted to maintain a hard line and JR negotiation, the contract price down. This summer, the free market is very hot, many players get big contracts. JR also chose to jump out of his annual salary of $5 million 300 thousand contract, hoping to sign a big contract. From the offseason to now, JR has said in an interview in the hope to return the knight, James has also expressed the hope that JR can return. On the surface, JR back to the Cavaliers may be very new, but I do not know how the two sides can eventually reach a contract.相关的主题文章: