U.S. media behind Russell is the Lakers don’t have to be sorry for last season’s future sports Sohu-aquaria

U.S. media behind Russell is the Lakers don’t have to be sorry for last season’s future sports Sohu   September 13th Beijing time, some time ago Russell said in an interview after Kobe retired between them and did not have any contact, seems to make people on the relationship between him and Kobe produced doubts. And Russell did not go well with the Lakers last season. However, the U.S. media analysis of Russell do not need to apologize for what happened last season. Rookie season, Russell’s performance is not satisfactory, he unfortunately in a dysfunctional, the Lakers change dynasties, which he has not been discouraged. Although Russell and Kobe play together and there is no discomfort, but along with the emergence of Kobe in his farewell tour, Russell will not be very comfortable. Coach Scott also compressed his playing time, and even frozen him, criticized him in the media, etc.. Later the nick and his Yang video scandal, which makes a lot of retired players for his criticism and slander, even suggested that the trade show bangyan. Before the interview, Russell will be summed up as "bad last season". "If the season is bad, or what else, okay, is bad, it is not the best rookie season, but I also learned a lot of valuable experience, the new season I will work beyond everyone’s expectations." If you look at his interview and think of his performance in the Lakers locker room, you will definitely think his rookie season is a disaster. But the new season, he will have more power, but also a new coach, Russell is bound to write a new chapter. Although he still has a lot to improve, but his strengths, tall, shooting creativity, three points, and so on, still in the new season, he will be in a more comfortable position. Data show that last season when Kobe is not present, the presence of 36 minutes in the field of the game can be a contribution of 18.7 minutes, a total of 4.7 assists, so no one needs to feel sorry for these figures. At the same time, there are few rookie players can play pick and roll as skilled as he is on the move to create their own space. So, Russell said his rookie season is not the best there is nothing wrong with this, but it is far from disappointing. He is still the most important part of the Lakers’ future. (A Ke)相关的主题文章: