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U.S. media: Barnes Rockets offense perfect defense than expected – Sports Sohu > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on October 29th, the NBA regular season ushered in the civil war in Dezhou, the rockets at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Dallas challenge. Connaught body unwell lack of war, Harrison Barnes eye-catching performance. But harden and Ariza outstanding performance, the Rockets 106-98 win. After the game, the media is also the first time the game reviews: 1.ESPN: Rocket defense exciting rockets in the opening stages of the defense is very bad, but they are in the second half, especially the third and fourth sections of the defensive impressive. The decisive stage, the rocket rotation defense very quickly, they maintain a defense against the Mavericks, do not give them any chance to sell. In fact, they also caused the Mavericks 24 second violation. The defensive side of the strong performance, to help the Rockets will keep the lead until the end. 2 The Associated Press: Barnes Neiwaijianxiu assume Dallas home court opener, Nowitzki physical discomfort and lack of war. Important signings this summer’s team of Harrison – Barnes, to replace Dirk on the big striker. Barnes ability, the offensive side of the performance is very good, cut his career high 31 points. After the game, the Mavericks coach said Barnes had the opportunity to play a special role in the team. 3 Houston Chronicle: Rocket defense than expected in the opener loss to the Lakers, the Rockets offense impeccable performance, but they are in the final moments of the defense, but people dare not flatter. But in today’s game, the Rockets defensive performance compared with the previous, there is a significant improvement. From the anti rotation to the ball, to the end of the anti shot, the Rockets have done very well. This summer, the Rockets formed a new lineup, the new system, today’s game is the strength of the new rocket. 4 Dallas Star Telegram: Barnes proved himself worth Barnes who made the Mavericks fans surprise, not his two successive stunning performance, nor his career high 31 points, but his way of scoring. Under the attack, pull up, after the jump and three points against the offensive side of the ball, Barnes is almost equal to anything. Nowitzki can not play at the time, the results of the offensive side of the banner of Barnes, the Mavericks fans brought new hope.相关的主题文章: