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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews There are two types of the display devices when considered from the point of view of the light that is projected on the screen. In one type of the device, which is also the most .monly used and widely prevalent one, like the TV, the images or the videos are projected from the behind the screen on the front of the screen. The examples of these devices are the television, the .puter monitors and a number of other similar items of consumer electronics where the projection is from behind the display source. Then there are the other types of devices in which the projections from the front of the screen are developed on the screen. These devices which are used for the in-front screen image projection are called the projectors which can .e in different types. The most .mon types of projectors are the cathode ray tube based (CRT) or the Liquid Crystal Projection (LCP projectors). The former are what you find in the cinema halls and at the public displays. They provide arguably the best picture quality of the size of the screen. The latter have more user friendly options. These are easy to set up, portable and can also some with the focus and zoom functions. There is one more type of the projectors which are used and these are the DLP ones. The digital light processing (DLP) ones make use of the thousands of the tiny mirrors to modulate the light and project it through the single lens on to the screen. The projectors are used in different settings. These are used to give the presentation to a small or a large group of people in the conference rooms. It is also used for the large scale seminars where people find it convenient to make use of them to put for their view point and to share their opinions. These can be connected with the laptops with or without the wires. Their use in cinema halls is quite evident as well. The .panies engaged in the making of the consumer electronics products are the ones which are at the forefront of making use of digital technology in developing the newer and better electronic appliances for different home and office needs. The convergence of the information, .munications and the entertainment technology is more evident in the case of the new age smart phones. These are internet-friendly, enable the shooting of high resolution photos and videos and can, of course, be used for .munications. These have evolved into the feature and function loaded mobiles which are of immense practical use. The .panies like the HTC make the smartphones having elaborate functions and connectivity features. The latest developments on the new product launches and their performance can be read on the online websites or in the product and technology magazines for the same. The consumer electronics reviews are a good source of information which can tell you about these developments and guide you on the purchase decisions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: