Two women in Liuyang forged her daughter sick begging in administrative detention for 5 days (video)-norton disk doctor

Two women in Liuyang forged her daughter sick begging in administrative detention for 5 days (original title: to prove two women sick daughter forged begging for fraud was arrested on 5) "was born in a poor family. Her daughter is suffering from leukemia, need to raise 500 thousand to do surgery, now have 220 thousand……" If you want to beg in this way, you have to have a lot of heart. In September 28th, Liuyang police reported that two women in Anhui had falsified their daughter’s illness and were deception by the police. "False proof" in the hands of Zhou and Wang. The police for September 20th at 9 in the morning, the Liuyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Ge community police station carried out three information acquisition in Ge Jia Zhen Yu Tan Cun, found that two migrant women are called "the begging from door to door, her daughter suffering from leukemia". See the police, two people look flurried, the police brought two people to the police station to interrogate. After investigation, Zhou is 63 years old and Wang is 50 years old. They are all in Zongyang County of Anhui province. Two people make up the story of "daughter suffering from leukemia", forged the proof of the local government, so as to deceive the props everywhere. They chose to beg in a town with large houses and large flow of people. Many enthusiastic people have extended their hands and donated 5 yuan and 10 yuan for relief funds. Zhou said to the police, "these are false, I do not have a daughter, there is no one at home with leukemia." Zhou, Wang saw the TV publicity "XX was seriously ill, please social donations of caring people" of the story, the two together with the method of begging, not only earn money easily, and quickly, is a good way to "build up the family fortunes. The police returned the money from Zhou and Wang to the masses. At present, Zhou and Wang Moujun were detained by the Liuyang Municipal Public Security Bureau for 5 days in accordance with the law. (reporter Zhu Yanhuang correspondent Liu Chongxue) video recommendation: Forged birth certificate to a man in Huxian administrative detention for children "

浏阳两名妇女伪造女儿患病行乞 被行政拘留5日(原标题:于伪造女儿患病证明乞讨 两妇女因诈骗被行拘5日)“家境贫寒,女儿患了白血病,需要筹集50万做手术,现在还差22万……”如果您看到这种方式乞讨,可得多留个心眼了。9月28日,浏阳警方通报,两名安徽妇女伪造女儿患病证明行骗,被民警识破。周某、王某手中的“假证明”。警方 供图9月20日上午9时,浏阳市公安局葛家派出所社区民警在葛家镇玉潭村开展三实信息采集时,发现两名外地妇女正在挨家挨户乞讨,称“其女儿患有白血病”。看到民警,两人神色慌张,民警将两人带到派出所盘问。经调查,周某63岁、王某50岁,均为安徽省枞阳县人,两人编造“女儿患白血病”的故事,伪造当地政府的证明,以此为道具四处行骗。她们专门选择房屋密集、人流量大的集镇乞讨。不少热心人士纷纷伸出援手,捐出5元、10元不等的救助款。周某向民警陈述,“这些证明都是假的,我没有女儿,家里也根本就没有人患白血病”。周某、王某看到电视宣传报道“XX病重,请社会爱心人士捐款”的故事后,两人合计用此方法乞讨,不但挣钱容易,而且快,是个“发家致富”的好路子。民警将周某、王某诈骗的钱退还给了群众。目前,周某、王某均因诈骗被浏阳市公安局依法予以行政拘留5日。(记者 朱炎皇 通讯员 刘崇学)视频推荐: 为孩子改姓伪造出生证明 户县一男子被行政拘留相关的主题文章: