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Turpan fruit fragrance (beautiful autumn charming China?) – environmental protection – people.com.cn Flaming Mountains grape harvest. Ablez took the children to play in the raisin drying room. Jiang Xiaoming taken to see more content to scan two-dimensional code open bar "scene of the year you must remember, when the autumn scenery is the most." From today, this newspaper launched the "resource integration layout, beautiful China? Autumn charming" column, with the beauties of beautiful autumn show great beauty at the same time, in-depth coverage of ecological restoration, construction, management and other aspects of the results, showing China people and Chinese government efforts to promote the construction of ecological civilization. Follow the pace of the fall, "the beautiful charming autumn Chinese?" column recently will focus on both sides of the Changjiang River gratifying harvest scene, after mid October, the plan area construction brings to the motherland the fascinating autumn focus of ecological restoration, natural protection, capture moments of harmony between man and nature. In the autumn of Turpan, the air is filled with the sweetness of grapes. Turpan grapes ripen, Anaerhan heart drunk……" Listen to this song popular folk songs, walking in Turpan, you will feel the wind field is sweet, sweet, and sweet. "This year’s grape harvest is very good." In the village of Chuang-tzu, Aydingkol Lake County of Xinjiang District of Turpan city of Gaochang village tursun ardila? Are busy picking grapes, "before grape very hard. Fall to bury, spring to dig, shelves, transport or by donkey cart back only. Now more and more high degree of mechanization, commonly cultivated to save a lot of income also increased." Flaming Mountains gave birth to the prestigious "world grape township is located in the eastern part of Xinjiang Turpan, is a unique warm temperate continental arid desert climate. Because it is located in the basin, surrounded by mountains, the formation of a long sunshine, high temperature, large temperature difference between day and night, less precipitation, strong wind five characteristics, known as "Fire State" "wind". This climate, especially suitable for grape growth. As early as 2000 years ago, Zhang Qian to the western regions, found here to grow grapes. Allegedly, Turpan grape cultivation history of about 7000 years. Now, here the grapes more than 500 last year, Turpan grape grape planting area of 491 thousand mu, total output 917 thousand tons, the total output of 125 thousand tons of raisins, accounted for 8.33% of total world production, is worthy of the name "world grape". Turpan’s most famous grape producing area, is the grape ditch. The Grape Valley in Turpan City, about 10 kilometers northeast of the place, is a canyon of Tianshan Mountain of Shanxi side of the flame. North and south, a total length of 8 km, east-west width of about 2 km. Ride along the mountain road Chi, two mountains, the river gurgling luke. The vine covered Valley, dotted with peach, apricot, pear, mulberry, apples, pomegranates, figs and other fruit trees, interspersed with a rural household, very comfortable. A drying room drying raisins standing on the hillside and the roof, distinctive. Living here Uygur, Han, Hui and other ethnic groups, from generation to generation to grow grapes for the industry. Even if the summer, here is a cool breeze, fire)相关的主题文章: