Turkey’s parliament will consider the legal rights of minors to rape the victim to take responsibili bloxorz

Turkey’s parliament will consider the rape of minors legal proposal to get rid of the victims of impunity – Sohu news that the bill has caused a lot of people’s strong dissatisfaction, many people took to the streets of Istanbul to protest. According to today’s Chinese visual map rusnews.cn (RT) reported on November 18th, the Turkey justice and Development Party government has formally proposed to Parliament a controversial bill in the country, namely the rape of minors criminal victims can be exempt if marry. The provisions of the bill, if the rape of subjective consent married, and can confirm each other when committing the crime without the use of violence, intimidation and force themselves to criminals can be released from prison. The bill next Tuesday will be officially in the Turkey parliament vote once by President El of Turkey, Erdogan has the right to the implementation of the new law. According to Turkey media Turkish Minute report released earlier showed that once the bill passed, Turkey prison now held more than 4000 children who may therefore be released. According to the Agence France-Presse reported on 18, Turkey’s justice minister Bozda g said in an interview, "the rapist sent to prison will make these poor children and families fell into great economic difficulties. We want to do is to find the most suitable solution for the current which is a serious social problem instead of harboring this crime, the government hopes to give the most severe punishment of rape." He also stressed that Turkey is a conservative society does exist this unfortunate fact". According to the Turkey women’s team Nuriye Kadan data show that the current marriage in Turkey, close to 1/3 are involved in the case of underage brides. According to Iran media reported on the PressTV19, Turkey in 2005 abolished the content similar to the bill. However, the bill has not yet been approved by the majority of members of parliament. Some members expressed to the media that the move is in the form of encouraging rape and forced marriage. A Turkey parliamentary opposition to the media said, "if a fifty or sixty year old rapist marries a teenage victim, so in any case of the victims were once hurt." According to Turkey media Hurriyet news 18 reported that the bill has caused a lot of people’s strong dissatisfaction, many people have taken to the streets of Istanbul to protest. "Minors under the age of 18 are children, rape is a violation of human nature." A demonstrator told the media. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court in Turkey has also led to a mass protest in Turkey after a ruling on the age of rape. In this regard, Turkey officials have said that the media also reported on the contents of the bill are false ingredients, the bill seeks to increase the punishment for rapists, the so-called "exemption clause" will only apply to be convicted in November 11th of this year.相关的主题文章: