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Trumpchi settled Guangzhou Iron Triangle layout complete GIO camp held in September 28th, Guangzhou Automobile Group’s Hangzhou renovation project started in Hangzhou Jiangdong Industrial Zone, which is established based on the original GAC GIO on GAMC (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., "according to a plan, the rolling production" approach, total production capacity 200 thousand cars, a production capacity of 100 thousand vehicles, will be in production trumpchi SUV, MPV and new energy vehicles, is expected to formally put into operation in October 2017. Trumpchi ji’ao officially entered the "base camp", marking the reorganization of GAC GAC GIO first completed, as the general manager GAMC Yu Jun (click to view the latest figures said, "news) – Hangzhou reconstruction project is a strategic measure of Guangzhou Automobile Group independent director cloth triangle, is bigger and stronger from specific actions Kei brand." The iron triangle layout independent strategy of Hangzhou project, plus August announced a ground breaking project in Xinjiang, GAMC from 2010 before an triangle corner flow in Yangtze River Delta (Hangzhou) and moved to the Northwest (Urumqi), Changxin, and Guangzhou (ZTE car) with the completion of a full range of strategic layout covering Southern China, East China, North and northwest regions, the formation of strategic triangle, will also be on the current hot GS4, and the upcoming GS8 star models play a strong role in promoting sales. At present, Hangzhou Jiangdong area in addition to GAMC, and Geely, Na Zhijie know beans and other enterprises. A huge advantage which is located in the Yangtze River Delta, by a number of car manufacturers recognized and affirmed the East China market as China’s most economically developed area, has been the focus of the car sales market, accounting for about 1/3 of the total car sales, building will further enhance the GAC trumpchi brand base market share in Hangzhou. Therefore, the project is to accelerate the strategic layout of Guangzhou Automobile Group to promote the focus of the project, is an important base of GAC independent brand. Communication in the meeting, Yu Jun said, GAC trumpchi in the East China region, 1 to August sales of 39 thousand vehicles, an increase of 171%, an increase of Zhejiang area is as high as 202%. Big Jiangdong industrial agglomeration zone director Yang Jun also said, to help Hangzhou to spare no effort for the automotive manufacturing Jiangdong equipment enterprise, to create a double qianyiji automobile industry cluster from April 27th, Guangzhou Automobile Group and Hangzhou Jiangdong to discuss the project renovation project started today, which lasted only 5 months. The transformation of geo project in Xiaoshan, also for the future development of reserve capacity trumpchi. As GAC group’s fastest-growing enterprises, GAC trumpchi growth at an alarming rate, but the future is subject to capacity worries. Data show that in 2015 the GAC trumpchi sales of 200 thousand vehicles, an increase of 45%, in the year SUV continued unpopular situation, 1~8 months of this year sales of 220313, has completed the 2016 target in advance. Only GS4 a car, in August sales of 26375 units, 1~8 month sales of $204777, an increase of 148.1% in the joint venture SUV camp ranked the top three. Coupled with the task of taking on the brand GS8, GA8 just joined the battle array.相关的主题文章: