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Consultant Trump criticized Obama strategic mistake with China – Sohu related military channel text with map: James Woolsey?. Remember the Obama administration has drawn up a group of "allies" to oppose the Asian Investment Bank (ADB)? Although Obama asked all of America’s "allies" are not allowed to join, but harvest only a "mutiny", Britain, France, Germany, Australia and even have put the Asian investment banking arms, let the Americans in the diplomatic embarrassment. Now, the White House changed, the new president’s attitude change. According to the South China Morning Post in November 10th, citing James Woolsey (James? Woolsey) speech, senior adviser to the new president Trump said, Obama opposed the Asian investment bank is a "strategic mistake", and even the United States should be more enthusiastic about the "The Belt and Road" strategy. In all "G7" countries, the United States and Japan are the only two countries to choose not to join the Asian investment bank. Obviously, this kind of action in the United States will naturally be regarded as China’s own distrust. Woolsi believes that Trump came to power, the United States should take the initiative and Chinese collaboration, added an investment bank, and encourage Chinese "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ocean, China and the global think tank, chairman and director Wang Huiyao said that China did not close the door to the Asian investment bank, China welcomes the invitation of the United States to enter the Asian Investment Bank of Trump. He also believes that Trump does not necessarily affect the economic relations between China and the United States, although he attacked the Chinese in the campaign process. Wei Jianguo, deputy director of the China Center for international economic exchanges, said that while Mr Trump blamed China for "currency manipulator" and threatened to launch a trade war. But Trump is open to China’s leading investment banks and a range of investment plans. Wei also believes that as long as Trump embrace Asian investment bank, investment and exchanges between China and the United States will have great potential. At the same time, Trump for the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) also opposed, TPP is considered to seriously affect China’s position in international trade. Woolsi was elected after the article published in the condemnation of Obama, but as early as more than a year ago in the United States, the people of insight criticized the U.S. government’s policy on Asian investment banks in the United states. , a professor of international politics at Tufts University in the United States, Daniel de Drezner (Daniel W.) published an article criticizing the government. He believes that the United States government should not be forced to stop the establishment of Asian investment bank, a Chinese Asian investment bank is because they are in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the world bank’s influence has increased the strength of China dissatisfaction, but not in the financial sector to obtain enough voice. In this regard, the government should take the initiative to accept China rise, give Chinese enough influence, such China will have no incentive to reinvent the wheel. But because of Obama’s hesitation and congressional oversight, the United States missed the best time to stop the Asian investment bank. After the establishment of Asian investment bank, the United States did second stupid thing, because of the fear of the Asian investment bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) led us marginalization, Obama tried to use the American political influence.相关的主题文章: