Trendy Fireplaces That Dont Break The

Home-Improvement A fireplace is usually the focal point of a room, but all too often it is the last area of the house to be updated. Old outdated brick from the 70’s with dark mortar joints go a long way to dating your home’s decor. Modernizing a fireplace does not have to be a major renovation, and there are plenty of small improvements you can make to bring it up to date. Styles that evoke a natural, earthy mood: Get a load of river rock, stack them around around the outside and front of your fireplace and mortar all the spaces. Use the new stone surrounds to create a rocky look and insert a natural cedar beam as a mantle. Use round, peeled logs to hold up the mantle for a true country look. Modern Themes: Add a glass door to the front of your firebox. Not only is it a good safety feature, but it has a sleek modern look. Cover an outdated surround with modern ceramic tiles. They’re easy on the budget, available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and are heat resistant. A gas fireplace or concrete insert will allow you to install a fireplace low to the ground, taking up very little floor space. A sleek, simple border of slate or tile gives a clean modern look. Go big by expanding the area around your fireplace. Create a drywall frame and cover with limestone or slate, placing a formal mantel on top. Think rounded curves and arches instead of the traditional straight lines in a surround. It adds interest and gives an artsy flair to your fireplace. For a quick and easy fix, paint over the old brick and mantle and add some fresh accessories to the wall above. Adding a flat screen television over a fireplace is increasingly popular. Ensure you have a heat break between the TV and your fireplace, and that there is hollow space in the wall to ac.modate channeling of wires behind the TV. The middle of your screen should be at eye level when you’re sitting down, otherwise you will be .plaining of a strained neck before long. Get rid of that old 70’s style look by covering your existing brick with a layer of mortar to create a smooth surface. Now take decorative brick shaped tiles and install over top. Use decorative tiles for mantel borders and accents. Traditional: Add trim to create a traditional look with deep crown molding, decorative columns and maybe even recessed bookshelves on either side. Change Your Heat Source: Many people are getting rid of their old wood-burning fireplaces and opting for lean, clean gas versions. They’re extremely energy efficient and are available in a myriad of models from modern to traditional with realistic flames. Once you’ve gone to the trouble of remodeling your fireplace, make sure you show it off by having an adequate light source such as track lighting or sconces, and attractive accessories such as a large painting or mirror. 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