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"Go quickly China transformation upgrade enterprise" (focus) – Financial – days ago, sponsored by Chinese Entrepreneurs Association Federation, by China enterprise’s "2016 top 500 enterprises China forum in Hunan Changsha ended. Reporters at the forum noted that how to take the lead in adapting to the new normal economic development, the realization of enterprise restructuring, entrepreneurs are most concerned about the topic. Participants generally agreed that, with the continuous development of economic globalization, China enterprise "the arena" is not a single region, but the global scope. It can be expected that with the introduction of the reform measures in the future and the implementation of the transformation of China’s enterprises is expected to further accelerate, and thus the formation of a positive interaction with the whole of China’s economic transformation. Strong technology research and innovation in this forum, China business association, Entrepreneurs Association Chinese according to the Convention to the public release of the annual "China 500 list. The list shows that China’s top 500 enterprises in the service sector revenue accounted for up to 40.53%, accounting for the proportion of manufacturing revenues fell to 39.17%, the service sector accounted for the first time exceeded the manufacturing sector. Compared with the world’s top 500, the main source of profit for China’s large enterprises is the monopoly of resources, the scale of operation and low cost, the lack of core competitiveness in competitive industries." Miu Rong, chief researcher at the China Association of enterprises, admitted that China’s top 500 enterprises have yet to be further enhanced innovation driven. In fact, the core technology, to meet market demand is also the consensus of Chinese entrepreneurs. In the view of Tsinghua Holdings Limited company chairman Xu Jinghong, Chinese enterprises still have a lot of deficiencies in key technologies, even entrepreneurial innovation has mostly focused on the business model, the low proportion of technology. Xu Jinghong said, in intelligence, aerospace, marine, biological and other fields, the new technology will affect the great future of the world. BOE Technology Group senior vice president Yao Xiangjun said, any industry, technology can not win, but not sure win. For enterprises, the core technology is not to be able to grab anything at any time, so the survival of enterprises must have strong technical. Wahaha Group Chairman Zong Qinghou in an interview with this reporter pointed out that the past China relies mainly on investment and exports to drive the economy, now the focus of the consumption and domestic demand. And in a sense, the upgrading of the demand for manufacturing from low-end to high-end transformation. To transform, it can not be separated from the development of technology and innovation investment. This is often the risk of large, long cycle, high investment activities, SMEs generally unable to afford. Therefore, large enterprises should shoulder more responsibility, small and medium enterprises can provide support to participate in, and ultimately achieve win-win cooperation." Zong Qinghou said. Means of innovation and change so Chinese enterprises on the road of transition is how to go? The reporter found in the exchange and participating entrepreneurs now, whether state-owned or private, are accelerating the transformation with their own practical exploration, through a variety of ways, can be described as "eight)相关的主题文章: