Top Car Rental .panies To Hire In

Automobiles Nairobi is the capital and the largest city in Kenya. Many leading car rental .panies are growing themselves by entering in the Kenyan market. Car rental business is currently booming in the country due to increase in the tourism sector. The top car rental .panies in Kenya are Avis, Tempest, Hertz, Imperial and Six South. These are the brands that are known around the globe for their service. They provide you with the number of options in cars to select for rental. Nairobi is mainly known for its safari tour through their National park. The main attractions in Kenya are the beautiful coastal beaches, game reserves and their rich tribal culture. Tourism has the major share in increasing the economic health of the country. The car rental agencies have the knowledge of tourist attractions spots and places of interest a tourist can visit. To get the best car rental service in Africa you need do some research on internet or take suggestions from a friend as to check which agencies are providing car rental service. You need to check the fares and the facilities they are providing. As each agencies have different policies, terms and conditions to it when you actually rent a car. The top leading car rental .panies offer various service facilities with car rental like GPS, etc that varies from one .pany to other. Avis is a well known name and the largest car rental agency in the world. The .pany has many popular vehicle brands such as Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Prada etc. They provide online booking facility, road maps or GPS system, you can ask for mobile phone. You can collect the car from any of the avis branches. The office is opened 24 hours for customer service. Drop and pick up service is available no customers request and as per their convenience. Avis has their slogan as We Try Harder which is the core, heritage and the culture of the .pany. Tempest is the famous car rental agency in South Africa with the number of branches all over the city. Tempest has their franchise or .pany owned outlets at all major airports. They have packages for tourist travelers and business travelers. Six South has the most budget packages which can be affordable to all. They have numbers of cars for rental which are used alternately and are maintained on regularly basis. Imperial/ Europ is also the largest car rental .pany. The rental .pany provides the facilities like online booking service which is the fastest way to rent car, you need to fill the online form and give the details as to where you would pick up the car and at what time. As per the details the car would be waiting for you at the destination specified. Avis is a leading car Rental .pany mainly providing their service to .mercial segments and tourists. Most of their branches are located at airports. .pany provides off-road 4WDs to view Kenya and also offers luxury saloons that makes sure you travel in .fort and style. Majority of the outlets are franchised operations rather than .pany owned. They provide more quality vehicles across the country and maintain the international standards. We ensure ourselves that we give you very wonderful staffs that are ready to help. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: