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It is estimated that by next year more people will use mobile devices to access the Internet than regular PC’s. The savvy consumers of today expect to be able to access business websites from anywhere and from any device. This is where a mobile friendly website comes in. Why Every Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website? A mobile-enabled website is essential for every business today. A mobile enabled website allows your business to extend its reach and become accessible to the billions of consumers who are spending more time and more money on their mobiles. It is a very effective way to boost sales and acquire new customers. On the other hand, not having a mobile friendly website can drive your customers away and can be difficult to recover from. How To Create a Mobile Friendly Website? There are many ways to create a mobile friendly website. If your website is new, the chances are that your design is responsive. Responsive design is a new web design approach where the website scales automatically to fit the screen resolution of different devices. However, responsive web design is still a relatively new concept and a majority of websites are not responsive. If your existing website is not mobile enabled, you should create a mobile-friendly website today. There are many web-based mobile website builders that your business can take advantage of. Here are 10 free services that you can use to create a mobile friendly website for your business. 1. GinWiz By Infogyn Infogyn is a cutting-edge pioneer and leader in building a mobile optimised web experience since 2000. It supports over 14,000 mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, feature phones, game consoles, e-readers and IPTVs. The company serves a range of customers ranging from small businesses to large publishers and mobile carriers worldwide. Infogyn offers Tailor-Made solutions as well as a Do it yourself wizard that lets you create mobile version of your website for free ready in practically no time. This is one of the only services on this list that can be used to convert your existing site along with its content into a mobile enabled site. 2. Google Mobile Landing Page Builder With Google Sites, you can build a professional mobile landing page in just minutes. It makes it easy for businesses to go mobile. You can get started in minutes, not days. Your mobile site can be up and running in just a few minutes. You do not need coding skills to set up your site and there are no costs. Google Sites easy to use and also free. It is good for creating new mobile ready sites or for creating landing pages for other mobile marketing campaigns. 3. QRMobilize QRMobilize makes it easy to create a mobile website for both business and personal use. It allows you to build your mobile website in just minutes. Using our FREE easy-to-use mobile website builder just add your logo, details, social media and contact details and connect with the mobile world. The mobile website builder also provides you with a high resolution QR code to use for promoting your new mobile site. 4. Madmaker By Boost Communications ‘Madmaker’ is a “drag-n-drop” tool to allow businesses to quickly make a mobile campaign site with no previous technical or design skills. Easy-to-use WYSIWYG tool with drag-and-drop functionality, intuitive editing tools that make creation easy. Standard features are free to use for personal or small business needs. Advanced analytics and extra features are present in the paid plans. 5. Zoho Zoho offers a range of web-based applications for businesses that help you get more sales, get paid, support your customers and make your business more productive. It is a popular service that is used by more than 7 Million users worldwide. Zoho Sites is a free website builder platform designed for small businesses. It is a hosted service combining regular website, mobile website and email. There are both free and paid versions. Zoho Mail is integrated with Zoho Sites, offering businesses the convenience of managing website and business-email alongside each other. 6. Mobify is a web-based platform that helps you adapt your website for mobile and tablet devices. It allows businesses to launch mobile websites faster. Mobify powers leading mobile websites for online retail and Fortune 500 companies, reaching 20% of all global smartphone subscribers. Mobify Studio is a free web-based editor for creating mobile websites powered by the Mobify platform. Use it to speed up your development and ensure that the mobile website is beautiful and fast on any device. 7. YoMobi YoMobi is a free platform that allows you to quickly build an interactive, social-media ready, mobile-optimized site. It makes it easy for businesses to join the mobile web by offering an easy way to build a mobile site. Businesses can use its simple and intuitive content management platform to build a custom site and put information online in minutes. You can also its interactive widgets to make it easy for your visitors to get in touch with you from their mobile device. 8. Wirenode Wirenode makes it easy for businesses to create a mobile website for free. All you need is an internet browser. You can create a website about whatever you like using their built-in mobile page editor. You can upload images and customize your pages to meet your business needs. Both free and paid versions are available. Once you have finished and published your site, your mobile enabled site can be accessed on the domain or you can have your own private domain name. 9. Winksite Winksite, established in 2001, is a leading mobile content management and social networking software company whose solutions connect publishers to their audiences and audience members to each other. It makes it easy for everyone to create and share a FREE mobile site and community. 10. IM-Creator IM-Creator is a new way to create your website. It makes it easy to create a mobile website in three easy steps choose a design, customise and publish your site. IM-Creator is all about making website building a simple and enjoyable experience, accessible for everyone. It is powered by Google & Amazon, creating robust and reliable foundations for your website. BONUS: Small Business Ecommerce.Co.Uk This is different to other services on this list. It is a ready-made website service for small businesses that includes a regular website along with a mobile friendly version for a one-off price of $67. Although it is not free, it is a great way to build a powerful online presence without costing a fortune. Unlike other services on this list where you have to build the site yourself with the help of web based wizard, this service offers a ready-made solution that is installed and set-up by experts on your behalf. You get a fully functional regular website with many built-in features, a mobile version of the site, email marketing tool, free logo and free web-hosting. You also retain full ownership of your website and get to download a copy of the files for backup. 相关的主题文章: