Too radical! Apple to remove the headphone port, the traditional USB interface, SD card slot…-mia farrow

Apple is too radical! Kill the headset, the traditional USB interface, SD card slot – Digital Sohu… Compared to an annual update of the iPhone, apple updated in the MacBook product line is a little long, every two years in addition to the necessary hardware upgrade, the classic Aluminum Alloy a in vitro concept design seems to have been used for many years. The last update MacBook Pro or four years ago, for a relatively mature product, apple after a period of four years of consideration, which will bring new changes?       Apple’s answer is thinner body, more powerful performance, a larger area of the touchpad, as well as innovative multi touch bar Multi-Touch Bar. Overall, it is still an outstanding performance in all aspects of the product, but it still has some controversial places.       such as the cancellation of the A surface luminous effect of the "faith mark", it was fun to say, can no longer happily go to the Starbucks loaded forced. But for Apple’s good base friends, Microsoft, which may be a good thing, because after the opening of the conference will no longer have to see the bottom of a flicker of apple LOGO. Perhaps the most controversial place is to cancel the traditional interface this thing. In the interface, apple make snap to cut the original MagSafe magnetic suction charging interface, the traditional USB interface and SD card slot, it is compatible with USB Type-C 4 Thunderbolt 3 interface. However, iPhone 7 was canceled on the 3.5mm headset interface, retained in the new MacBook Pro. Apple cut the traditional interface move is not surprising, as early as last year, apple in the New MacBook on more aggressive action, cut down on the traditional interface, only a USB Type-C interface, which triggered a huge controversy at the time. And this apple under pressure still wielded the sword, also shows that apple is really trying to promote USB Type-C interface. The benefits of the USB Type-C interface are obvious. First of all, it is a universal interface, an interface will be able to charge, Thunderbolt, DP video output, HDMI HD, VGA video and traditional USB and other functions. Apple claims that the data transmission rate by 4 of the new MacBook Pro interface can support up to 40-Gbps; support for up to two 4K display or a 5K display screen; from any port charging and power supply; can link new equipment and existing equipment. These advantages are unmatched by the traditional USB interface. Another big advantage is that the body of the device becomes thinner. The use of a USB Type-C interface New MacBook thick body is 13.1 mm, to achieve the ultimate slim design. And the new 1.相关的主题文章: