Tonight, there is little rain in Ningbo or miss the biggest bright moon in 60 years-zhuxianduowan

Tonight Ningbo overcast with light rain or missed 60 years the biggest and brightest moon yesterday, the reporter learned from the Ningbo City Association of amateur astronomers, tonight’s "super moon", not only is this year or 60 years, the biggest and brightest. However, according to the municipal meteorological observatory forecast, the weather is cloudy and sometimes light rain, Ningbo people are likely to miss this super moon". According to the law of the sun moon earth, super moon about 14 new moon (about 413.4 days) appeared once. The last time the super moon appeared in September 28, 2015, the next appearance will be in January 2, 2018. Look, "low probability event is not what the" super moon "hundred years rare". So, this "super moon" and where? According to astronomical projections, the moon and the earth today, the nearest year, only 356 thousand km, compared with the usual moon and the earth’s average distance of nearly 28 thousand km of nearly 384 thousand km. Due to the distance, the emergence of the super moon area than the smallest full moon more than 30%. The smallest full moon refers to the full moon, the moon from the earth. In addition, the "super moon" will be 30% times smaller than the full moon. According to statistics, the last time like this big and round super moon, dating back to 1948. Interestingly, in November this year, more than the emergence of the "super moon", there have been special astronomical phenomena most distant moon throughout the year, at 3:29 on November 1st. To see the super moon "style of the people, there are two time points worthy of attention tonight: one is 7:21 in the evening, the moon and the earth at this time is the nearest time; the other one is 9:52 in the evening, the moon is round the moment. This time, including Ningbo, all over the country in the weather conditions allow, you can watch the super moon". However, Zhuang Qining, vice president of the association of astronomy enthusiasts in the city, if the super moon has too much hope, it is likely to be disappointed. Because the sky is too large, there is no reference can be compared, more than 30% of the area is difficult to detect. At the same time, for ordinary observers, affected by the city lights and other factors, super moon brighter 30% is not easy to feel. If you must look at the "super moon", he suggested that we do not necessarily want to pursue the biggest and brightest moment, but in the moon just rising or falling, near the horizon, the effect will be more ideal. Zhuang Qining said, in fact, the moon no change, astronomy no "super moon" was, this is only "near the small" visual effect to a blind people play.相关的主题文章: