Tongxi double foreign aid arrived in the same plane Nanjing complete line-up except Abbas-dachiyouxiang

Tongxi double foreign aid arrived in the same plane Nanjing complete line-up only to Abbas Blair and Corelle had arrived in Nanjing last night, Jiangsu Xi the new season of the two American reinforcements – the former Spurs midfielder Dehuan · Blair and former knight two guard Jared · Corelle, arrived in Nanjing, the club to arrange for their Hotel stay. The two foreign aid arrived at the same time, the Tongxi team first. The reporter understands, this is actually a carefully arranged Tongxi club, is to make the combination of inside and outside as soon as possible to find a tacit understanding. The club is carefully arranged, two foreign aid in advance "matchmaking" 5:15 yesterday afternoon, Blair and Corelle, pushing a luggage in the Shanghai Pudong Airport arrival hall, their size is impressive, this summer is obviously not less to go to the gym. Tongxi club staff for the first time in the two foreign aid sent a carefully prepared flowers, took the flowers they seem particularly happy, smile to break up the long flight fatigue. Blair and Corelle, is the first time to Chinese, is also the first time so far away from home, after landing both pulled out a mobile phone with family video, the first time reported safe. In order to allow two foreign aid in advance to build more understanding in the field, Tongxi club also spent a lot of effort, such as specially arranged for two the same flight. After more than and 10 hours of flight, two people already familiar with each other just like a couple of friends. When a reporter asked two people what would you say to Chinese fans, they say "we are prepared by common consent", the degree of understanding it is truly amazing. The two foreign aid challenge, some operation vision CBA journey high school makes double knee penetration Blair completely lost the anterior cruciate ligament, but in the NBA for seven years, he did not seem to be affected by this, but its Madden physical quality has conquered many fans. In the face of the outside world about their injuries, Blair said with confidence: "the injury will not affect my career, I have been accustomed to this confrontation, in CBA I have to do better!" The young Corelle, is a good boy, he knew that this Chinese trip how important it is for their own occupation career, "this summer I practiced, I told myself must not slack!" The team refused to NBA invited to CBA, Corelle, said he had to play in a world of Chinese. In order to better understand the team ahead of the two foreign aid Tongxi watched the video game, they can’t wait to see the new teammates, begin a new journey. Abbas recently to the team, the new season countdown according to the reporter, Tongxi Asian foreign aid Saeed · Abbas will soon meet with the team, then the team new season will be fully in place. People did not think that Blair and Corelle, have knowledge of Abbas, "he played very smart, very versatile, but also in the CBA have a belong to his law!" It seems that two people have done a lot of homework before coming to china. October is coming, the new season相关的主题文章: