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Tofu pudding Ti Hua brain   Jie mountain " delicacy three flower " Veil – Sichuan channel — original title: as you uncover the mountain town of " three " flower veil of delicacy; rumors, Chongqing’s delicacy raging like a storm in the political arena, there are three flower gave "flower" today, let Xiaobian for you uncover their mystery. [Tofu pudding] a bowl of white and tender Tofu pudding cake, spicy and delicious with water, a bowl of fragrant rice Zhen Zi, let all the people go, how many Chongqing people is also good taste in memory. Yang force floating on the water has a high reputation in a shop, the shop is very spacious but relatively simple. The shop has a total of twenty or thirty tables, often Tofu pudding is a special All seats are occupied., in addition to the person responsible for the rest of the other dishes are themselves for food window end, a semi self feeling. "Floating on the water" Tofu pudding, very special. Although tofu is very tender, but a little scattered, when eating with chopsticks to float on the surface of the Tofu pudding together, drain the water after the pressure, or simply aren’t! With spices, delicate taste, fresh cotton real, quite overbearing. Address: shop, Yubei District street and long longevity hill station red meat Shou Lu Tofu pudding shop is not worthy of the name, but the position is easy to find, but you don’t have the diners for environmental requirements is too large, but the boss hospitality very affordable. The characteristics of Hot pot into Tofu pudding, Tofu pudding is not the same. Seafood pot, taste partial light, the soup is very delicious. Liver, ham, cucumber, letinous edodes and so on, with the weight of Bukexiaoqu, no wonder called "meat Tofu pudding". Although so many dishes with a pot of stew, but did not affect the Tofu pudding solid taste, delicate and smooth entrance, the boss is under the foot work visible in the material and the production process of Tofu pudding. Address: Shapingba District martyrs martyrs Road primary school gate of Datong ambition Xiang this shop even ring Tofu pudding facade are not open in the corner of the alley, but with countless old Chongqing is growing, their memories of a beautiful and memorable taste. Also attracted countless new diners, to feel the taste of delicious. Tofu pudding tender can use chopsticks just perfect, just pick up easily. Chili oil, green onion, salt, MSG, no more spices, but enough to conquer picky eaters mouth. In addition to all kinds of dishes Tofu pudding, rice is also very underground, there is a feeling of home. Address: Datong Xiang, Yuzhong District No. 11 (river across the street at the team’s Chuanchuan Xiang (Luo Juan, Gao Hongxia): commissioning editor) original title: as you uncover the mountain town of " three " flower delicacy veil; [flower] hoof why people love heavy taste, the skin is so good, very simple, because they will often eat big mouth under full of collagen! Yan Kee spend a full operation of the sixteen years of hoof flower Museum, the location is relatively remote, there is no basic decoration shop, but also relatively small. Although the old but not a mess, tables and floors are packed very clean. Each meal)相关的主题文章: