Today is monday! In addition to climbing, Shanghai people are doing this thing-quickchm

Today is monday! In addition to climbing, Shanghai people are doing this thing today, we usher in the first "National Day holiday after the festival" while the Chung Yeung Festival is not a holiday but its position but very important festival name: Chinese Festival nickname: the sun Climbing Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, the double ninth Festival time: the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar 99 holiday types: Traditional Festival origin: worship, nature worship, festival activities: cornel autumn, chrysanthemum, climbing, foot autumn festival food: cakes, chrysanthemum wine festival, and significance: the elderly, Thanksgiving festival nickname of "Double Ninth Festival" Festival, the lunar calendar September the beginning of the 929 phase. Known as the "Double Ninth Festival" since early September nine "99" is a homonym for "long meaning for a long time" in the nine figures is the largest number of life for a long time the meaning of the "book of changes" in the "six "As a negative number," Nine "as a positive number in September 9th, the sun and the moon, the 29 phase I Chongyang, also called the two festival nickname" Denggao Festival "in September nine was clear to Xiao Yong climb afar an invigorating autumn climate, exercise, so that people in the vicinity of the season is the high board the most appropriate is the people there that day customs so Double Ninth Festival is also called" Climbing Festival "at the beginning of March three, Chongyang and" spring "is one room and the family Chongyang day all the family should take" refuge "click to play GIF 1.4M on the mountain worship in the" book of rites, offering · law "records:" the mountains and valleys of hills, can see the monster for the clouds, wind and rain, we all say, god." The ancients worship and worship of the mountains, "mountain blessing" custom has long been popular in the spring and autumn period. Those who hold this view will also "worship" word itself as circumstantial evidence: Chong, pictophonetic characters, from the mountain, Zong sheng. Worship of "worship" was originally on the mountain, because the "mountain" that is "reformed" as a sacred mountain. "Yu Zong" "mountain" or "mountain", "Yu Zong" all contain respect and awe. A "green" speech "a speech green" is derived from the nature of the solar term. Chongyang Festival is the Spring Festival, the weather gradually cool, vegetation began to wane, "green mountain Festival speech" and the "spring outing" in the spring March corresponding. The Qing Dynasty Pan Rongbi compiled the "imperial age record" records: "(Chongyang) for articles on the outskirts of the door all day drinking wine, called" green words "." What Shanghai can a mountain? A few days ago headlines bacteria have made an article specially introduced Chongyang Festival nickname three "chrysanthemum Festival" Festival is a year autumn chrysanthemum blooms have tours chrysanthemum customs so called "Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Festival" in Chinese ancient customs symbol of longevity is a gentleman of integrity the symbol of the ancient chrysanthemums to the elders said to a person’s respect in addition to Shangju, and drink chrysanthemum wine is a traditional custom of the Double Ninth Festival chrysanthemum wine in ancient times is regarded as Chongyang mustdrink dispel the disaster to pray "the propitious liquor" Chongyang Festival nickname four "dogwood dogwood Festival", also known as " Yue Jiao " ", AI Zi; " is an evergreen plant with incense have insecticidal sterilization, by function of the ancient popular cold Qufeng 99 cornel Customs on cornel or wear cornel sachet so they are called "dogwood Festival)相关的主题文章: