To play games online borrowing students fell into the bottomless pit claiming to be sued-cancam

To play games online borrowing students fell into the bottomless pit himself sued the morning of October 27th, together with the college students’ online loan dispute trial of Nanjing Qixia District court. The handheld IOU report a junior college students, for the repayment of 30 thousand yuan. But the student Zhu denied written IOU, also does not accept the loan. Because a real need further confirmation, the court adjourned for an hour. The defendant said Zhu mouting after the interview, he did borrow through online games, but has now met with excess to pay off the debts are not finished. In the trial, the plaintiff tongmou alleged that in July 11th, he met Zhu students at a friend’s introduction, he borrowed 30 thousand yuan to Zhu for tourism, the two sides agreed to return at the end of July, according to the same period of interest loan interest calculation. Tongmou provided to the court the IOU is a printed form of IOU, borrower information amount and date, and mobile phone numbers are in hand, key information according to the fingerprints. The two sides will breach the contract for the 3% day, if overdue repayment, Zhu every day need to pay liquidated damages of 900 yuan. The defendant argued that the IOU he didn’t sign the above I do not know who by fingerprints. Since the original defendant, the facts of the case presentation fundamental difference, the court reiterated that the litigant must state, shall not provide false statements or testimony truthfully, or need to bear the corresponding legal consequences. For a real need further confirmation, the trial of an hour after the adjournment. Zhu introduced after the court, he is in the introduction of the students, through the network to apply for a loan to a company has borrowed $50 thousand for CF and the League of Heroes game spending. He said that for the first time only borrowed 3000 yuan, and soon returned, the other side did not mention interest. He wanted to borrow 10 thousand yuan of money when the other second times, let him write a loan of 16 thousand on the IOU, they also deducted a fee. Zhu claimed that the second actually got only $8000 hand. He borrowed a total of about 50 thousand yuan from them, and then they had no money to pay. Because of this, the family has a total of more than 10 yuan to them. Zhu said he was very upset, because their online borrowing is mainly used to play online games, so that the family paid about 100000, has also been harassed by the other side, the door has been splashed paint. He believes that the online money looks simple, but the money interest is very high, feel have not clear the loan, is a bottomless pit.相关的主题文章: