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To be honest, not to be a "veteran" (people’s Forum) – Inner Mongolia Channel – a gathering of the people’s network, a friend said: "he has always been honest……" Who knows the voice did not fall, they burst into laughter, introduced by friends fly. The reason is that some people, "honest", not honest, honest, rules, and has become synonymous with crazy stupid, cowardly and incompetent. Who is honest, that is the curse. However, if the "sophisticated", who might be considered a praise. Life, work, and some people are very good at engaging in relationships, drink a wine has become a good friend, a deal became a good friend, this is understandable. This is just "some good" is no principle of flattery, psychographic flatter, performance for the principle, do not speak the guy worldly-wise and play safe. Such people have some leadership, in the circle of good friends, seemingly everywhere at home, everything with ease. Here is no longer a "sophisticated" experience, rich experience and profound and stable way, but the "survival of the fittest" means and skills. Honest and sophisticated, originally used to determine the quality of the people, ability, and now the reality has changed the meaning of. For ordinary people, it is only a personal problem, but for cadres, it may also represent a style, a value orientation, can not be ignored. According to the actual observation and thinking, "sophisticated" big market for three reasons: first, "sophisticated" people who seek not sth. This person will try to close to their superiors, or inquire what superior hobby, Masaoki, quickly find a building, creating opportunities to choose from. Whenever the boss, to deepen the impression, natural and convenient communication. Second, the "sophisticated" is not the right thing. This person will try to win over the hearts of subordinates, hems, harmony, even lower illegal mistakes, there will be wrong not correct, have the responsibility, but the name of tolerance to ensure they do not offend people without losing votes in the selection and evaluation. Because things are wrong, the work delayed, the loss of the unit, others, "offend" people, the relationship is stiff, the loss is their own. Third, "sophisticated" can get more benefits. This kind of human work, as the "public relations", for the delay, failure of work or even wrong cover, to find a way to finally make things right. In some occasions, this "genius" is often quite market. In fact, "sophisticated" is in this case by water wash the boat, do their own personal gain advance secretly by an unknown path, to achieve the purpose of. A leader to promote work, repeatedly engage in unannounced visits to the masses, understand the actual situation. From the point of view of promoting the work, this is a good thing. But some grassroots cadres did not think so, but complain about leadership too serious, seriously. Seriously, seriously is the most intuitive performance of honest, honest leadership isn’t popular, other people can imagine more honest. Honest people always offend the rules, "seasoned" who will be good for everything, if the honest and sophisticated people meet, the results tend to be honest always sophisticated hurt. But it also happens to have been exposed. "相关的主题文章: