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Tired of the oil dry, still have to go out to drink two cups… Sohu technology is such ah drink drunk last night, until the second codeword, is ready to go back, but was bad to drink on the Lu Jun pull. Because of their good drinker, poor Jun Leng is down to two. That is to relieve the pressure on it when it comes to alcohol extract, Korean but a name. Because of the pressure of work and life of loneliness, many young people addicted to drinking, alcohol can really bring a spiritual anesthesia. However, excessive drinking is unable to carry the body, in South Korea, 1/10 of young people, because of alcoholism and illness. So don’t blindly chase the life of fried chicken, or physical. In order to help those people addicted to drinking alcohol, Korean inventor Pu Enzan (Park Eun Chan) invented a robot — Drinky interesting hostesses Drinky can vividly imitate human drinking behavior, with it, you don’t have to worry about drinking alone!! Drinky is made up of three parts: a head that can be used to drink and show an expression, a mechanical arm that can be drunk with a person, and a glass jar under the body, which can be used to hold the wine. When someone gives it when pouring, shaking it will not stop, to refuse. Do not drink, can not drink (pour wine, drink.) Well, when the wine is poured into the cup, there is no reason to refuse. (Drinky has a gravity sensor), brother, cheers!! Similarly, when the induction to the clink of action, it is a direct stuffy. To be honest, the wine is really good. I did it first, you are free (at that time, urine can continue to drink If someone drinks like it so generous, if not massive, it must be stupid people secretly said… For a few drinks, just kneel, well, even if the robot is no exception. After drinking, Drinky pretended to be drunk and his cheeks were red. Did you cry (well, it’s a LED lamp) But also yaotouhuangnao, seemed a bit confused. But the fist pounded his chest movements, and like that you can drink, no problem, to seven points drunk, too. And it’s getting more and more intense… Come on, full, full, continue to drink (look carefully you will find that the wine is more but less) Oh, no processing traces, the late second take this it made. Moreover, the entire video and other similar situation, now the video released, welcome everyone to leave. Although Drinky is not what black technology, but the second thought, there is such a cute adorable pet wine, can really drink. You don’t have to worry about each other is a few cups of wine lees, go to die. Drinky, there’s plenty of wine to drink, but the problem is, a thousand cups.相关的主题文章: