Timeout received 1 yuan did not disclose the case of an intelligent courier company in Ningbo to get-hhh49.com

Overtime charge 1 yuan no publicity Ningbo intelligent express box company in trouble yesterday morning, a netizen "Yang Cong no You hearta" rebellion, Ningbo Jiangbei Jinxiu river flower district have a smart express inbox, because she is more than 24 hours to get there, the system prompts to collect 1 yuan of money, do not pay can not take a package. The scene did not receive notice of the price of publicity, there is no description of SMS charges. Netizen "Yang Cong no You hearta" surname sand, usually she is to send to the unit, the "double eleven" she chose to send home. Ms. Sha said, the former owners of the courier is on guard, then the area north gate installed two smart express courier express inbox, will be stored, the owner will receive a SMS notification system. Yesterday, Ms. Sha has two parcels stored in the smart express inbox, because of temporary delays, to take over more than 24 hours. Two packages were placed in two different brands of smart express inbox, which prompted a system to charge $1, another free. "I nearly half an hour, do not pay can not take things, there was a owners also pay the money." Ms. Sha sent a message to reporters at the time of receipt of the notification, in which a courier easy SMS notification only said, free storage 24 hours". Did not specify charges. "I don’t care about price, it’s about informing, respect and rationality. Although things are not very large, the amount is not much, but it is closely related to our lives, there are too many people like me do not know." Ms. Sha said. Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the beautiful river area, near the area north gate security room roadside equipped with two smart express inbox, one is "rich", another is "easy to express". Couriers who are busy to pack the parcel in the cabinet, the system shows that the courier in the courier box need to pay for the parcel, according to the size of the box, the price charged between 0.4 yuan to 0.6 yuan. "Our boss will pay." A courier said. Another courier said, can charge 500 to send 500". Each intelligent express inbox can accommodate nearly 50 parcels, because the double the volume of the rapid increase in the pack, was soon filled with the eleven. Plug, the courier will be placed on the ground, above the surveillance camera, and then send a message to inform the owners. Daily economic news reporter noted that the smart express inbox superscript please consent before the delivery of the recipient’s consent, but a number of courier said, because too busy, they will not do so. The courier said, "the rich" more than 24 hours is free, easy Express has been received, the cost is 1 yuan. Can the coin, also can pay by Alipay, WeChat. More than 24 hours did not come to get the owners are not charging, and sometimes we see faster than the time, will be taken out of the package and then put it again." Tact courier Wu Yue. Reporters in the courier easy on the cabinet did not see any charges publicity, and Ms. Sha received the message did not specify, which is reasonable and lawful? Reporters call the courier easy customer service hotline, the staff said, in order to improve the turnover box, the courier easy to provide 24 hours of free time, if overtime fee is charged 1 yuan every 24 hours.相关的主题文章: