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Time to taste the way of modern lacquer art and margin (lacquer, linen, Luodian, mineral color Li Yiyi) after a lapse of three years, the third Hubei International Art Biennale three rujierzhi. The exhibition to the "time" as the theme, the time dimension and the time to taste the way into the exhibition planning, showing the change of ancient and modern contemporary art, combing the Oriental lacquer art history, diversified trend of the contemporary transformation of traditional lacquer art. Scientists in contemporary art language of lacquer art unique the rich artistic expression of particular audience taste carefully. What is the time of "way" taste, curator Pi Daojian pointed out in the press tour, intended to make people free from worldly popular images and rigid visual habits of bondage, restore our perception of life and the growing strength of instinct. Therefore, although the "timing" as the theme, but the exhibition does not require special emphasis on the time characteristics of the works and the meaning of the long history of the culture, the key lies in the exhibition architecture and work selection. The reporters found that the "Three Art Exhibition" in the exhibition architecture in addition to the layout strategy used in lacquer art — the author works as the main exhibition, also launched "Han lacquerware Exhibition" and "guest artists unit", the content together with collection selection to youth lacquer works are presented at the same time, can this is the three biennial said new highlights. "Far and near – Qin and Xi Han lacquerware exhibition is set between the convergence of contemporary artists exhibition hall 1 and Hall 3, 13 pieces of cultural relics at the national level, the Qin and Han Dynasty lacquerware, archaeological excavation and display on the walls of the pictures, because precious lacquer restrictions can’t take pictures. Undoubtedly stretched exhibition space and time dimensions, PI Dao Jian said that this is the exhibition of the" near far "; and from the exhibition" painted pig bird pattern paint flat pot "(Qin)," Phoenix Cup "painted cloud paint (Xi Han)," paint box "(Qin painted dragon cloud Xi Han)," Phoenix shaped paint, painting the "(Xi Han) and other works, the audience can see many" far in the past". As a watch in the form of the Qin and Han Dynasty lacquerware into 2000 before the China in the history of lacquer era, Chinese into Chinese daily life, close contact with this rare, whether it is for the majority of the audience or exhibiting lacquer artists will be a memorable experience of life experience and art. In addition, due to the connecting time concept of curator of this exhibition, abandoned the previous exhibition concept to a great extent, such as painting, artifacts, works no longer follow professional paint space division, is not "what is art" and "fine art critic" and other issues, at the same time in this a concept of "timing condition, large and boldly using modern terminology, such as" presence "of" material "and" theatre "and" realism "and" ready-made appropriation "of" new media "and so on, pay more attention to the new features – the spirit of artistic expression and the connotation of the artistic language from the concept and form fully conform to the trend of contemporary art exhibition. Attentive viewers will find that the exhibition invited artists in addition to lacquer art circles of the author, there are some widespread influence in domestic and international.相关的主题文章: