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Tianjin wedding company Liaotiaozi group jieqin team since the groom would have to spend money on good team meet the bride, but did not expect the wedding in order to catch a live, run in the bridal way. But only a temporary team back to the bride and groom. The day before the public, Mr. Duan stormed to the north, is located in the center of a wedding company to discuss the statement. Just a few days before the wedding day, wedding convoy temporary breach of contract, but will the bridegroom stay, did not go to the bride. Sudden situation so that Mr. Duan was caught off guard, only temporarily find a friend to help build a team to pick up the bride. Although the final witness did not delay the wedding, but let Mr. Duan a very angry. After the wedding, Mr. Duan went abroad honeymoon, after returning to his first time to find a wedding company. Mr. Duan told reporters, a few months before the wedding, he and the wedding company reached an agreement on the wedding day 6:00 to 8:00, then the pro team will start from the garden district is located in the Tanggu area for Mr. Duan home to go to Hangu to meet the bride, then returned from the Hangu area 9:30. But on the day before the wedding, the wedding company proposed to start early to pick up the bride, because they have to catch another wedding, afraid of the road far away. "I did not promise not to refuse, but promised to do as far as possible." Mr. Duan told reporters that he did not think the day of the wedding procession and 7:03 downstairs, downstairs was found empty, originally arranged downstairs waiting for the convoy did not appear, then contact the wedding company was informed that the team had left 3 minutes ago, "because they want to catch a live, fear not, simply don’t give me the bride!" Duan said that the first time he could not attend to anger, and quickly contact the family and friends to borrow the car to form a team, went to pick up pro. Fortunately, Mr. Duan friends are awesome, the wedding as scheduled. For Mr. Duan encounter, wedding company said, because the round-trip time is urgent, in order not to delay the next wedding only temporary. For the wedding company said Mr. Duan said it is difficult to understand. Finally, after consultation, the company will pay 2800 yuan to pay the full refund of the wedding.相关的主题文章: