Tianjin to strengthen the regulation of the real estate market investigation drive up prices cover X-ddrtys

Tianjin to strengthen the regulation of the real estate market investigation cover Xishou drive up prices for the implementation of the national regulation on the real estate market requirements, approved by the municipal government, the city Guotufangguan Bureau to further strengthen the supervision of the real estate market in the city, the work of regulating the real estate market order issued a notice, since November 26, 2016. According to the contents of the notice, the city will strengthen the planning management of land supply, demand for housing in the larger region increase land supply; to prevent abnormal fluctuations in land prices, market expectations of higher land can take reasonable land prices set upper limit, guide the development of enterprise rational bidding; intensify punishment for illegal business development with the development of enterprises, the rectification period, shall not participate in the land bidding; strengthen land regulation, strict implementation of the land transfer completion time and residential sale time stipulated in the contract the right to use, to prevent the development of enterprises cover xishou. To strengthen the management of new commodity housing market. Real estate development enterprises to apply for new commodity housing sales license, reasonable pricing, and just price declaration. The average sales price of new commodity housing returns was significantly higher than pre project price, or around the same type of goods sold in the average transaction price of housing, the implementation of the necessary price guide. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of the real estate market. The real estate development enterprises and intermediary agencies should be strictly in accordance with the Ministry of housing and urban construction "on the further regulate real estate development business maintenance department construction notice" the order of the real estate market and urban and rural housing and other 7 ministries "on the strengthening of the real estate intermediary management to promote the healthy development of the industry opinions" provisions to carry out self correction, to ensure the legitimate business. The District Housing Authority in conjunction with the market supervision departments to further strengthen the real estate market supervision and inspection, and severely punish the development of enterprises and intermediary agencies, driving up prices, undocumented houses, property hoarding, bundling, publishing false information and other illegal acts. On the development of enterprises and real estate brokerage agencies illegal behavior, depending on the circumstances, take public exposure, interviews, rectification, suspend the acceptance of sales permit, suspended net signed, administrative penalties and other measures to seriously deal with. The relevant units should actively cooperate with the financial departments, strengthen financial supervision of the real estate market, and further to seriously implement the national housing credit policy on the purchase of the city, the specific policy guidance in the people’s Bank of Tianjin branch and Tianjin Banking Bureau, the Tianjin municipal market interest rate pricing discipline mechanism after the implementation of the resolution.

天津加强房地产市场监管 严查哄抬房价捂盘惜售   为贯彻落实国家关于房地产市场调控相关要求,经市政府批准,市国土房管局就进一步加强本市房地产市场监管,规范房地产市场秩序有关工作发出通知,自2016年11月26日起执行。   根据通知内容,本市将加强土地供应的计划管理,对住宅需求较大的区域适度加大土地供应量;为防止土地价格异常波动,对市场预期较高的地块可采取设定土地价格合理上限等方式,引导开发企业理性竞价;加大对违法违规开发企业惩治力度,被查处开发企业整改期间,不得参与土地出让竞买;加强土地出让后监管,严格执行土地使用权出让合同约定的开竣工时间和住宅上市销售时间,防止开发企业捂盘惜售。   加强新建商品住房上市管理。房地产开发企业申请新建商品住房销售许可证时,应合理定价,并据实进行价格申报。对申报的新建商品住房平均销售价格明显高于项目前期成交价格,或周边同类型在售商品住房平均交易价格的,实施必要的价格指导。   加强房地产市场监督检查。各房地产开发企业、中介机构要严格按照住房城乡建设部《关于进一步规范房地产开发企业经营行为维护房地产市场秩序的通知》及住房城乡建设部等7部委《关于加强房地产中介管理促进行业健康发展的意见》规定开展自查自纠,确保合法经营。各区房管局要会同市场监管等部门进一步加强房地产市场监督检查,严厉查处开发企业、中介机构哄抬房价、无证售房、捂盘惜售、捆绑销售、发布虚假信息等不正当经营行为。对开发企业及房地产经纪机构的违法违规行为,视情节轻重,采取公开曝光、约谈、限期整改、暂停受理销售许可相关手续、暂停网签、行政处罚等措施严肃处理。   各相关单位要积极配合金融部门,加强房地产市场金融监管,并进一步认真贯彻落实国家关于限购城市的住房信贷政策,具体政策在人民银行天津分行及天津银监局指导下,经天津市市场利率定价自律机制决议后执行。相关的主题文章: