Tianjin the most cattle business advertising to replace the battery a penalty billion (Figure)-yuria

Tianjin most cattle merchants to advertise, "battery replacement false one million" (Figure) businesses in order to attract eyeballs, advertising is incredible. Tianjin Hexi District Dagu South Road, an electric car sales shop even played "change battery false one million" advertising. If there is a fake, will it be punished in accordance with 100 million units? Even businesses themselves say they can’t afford punishment. Shop owner played "battery replacement fake one million" advertising signs, recently, the public sun Mr. Hexi District Dagu Road South to see, a roadside electric car sales shop door to "change battery false one hundred million" advertising signs. The shop owner is really not too ostentatious, the store is prepared in advance one hundred million yuan penalty? It’s unbelievable. After receiving the report, the reporter went to investigate. The electric car sales store is located near the intersection of Dagu South Road and Hongze Road, and the red signboard of "replacing battery with fake one penalty" is very conspicuous on the glass door. When the reporter arrived, the shopkeeper was changing the battery for the customer. According to the shop owner, although the store mainly sells electric vehicles, but also acting on the two brands of electric vehicle battery business. Merchant: "which punishment can afford, ah, this shop is sold, it is not worth one hundred million ah!"." On the gate of "battery for a million million" billboard is the boss hanging up, "is my own words, just want to express my battery, no fake."." Shop owner said. According to the introduction, the store’s two brands of batteries are produced by regular manufacturers, each month for customers to replace dozens of pieces, so far no product quality problems. Today’s battery technology is relatively mature, battery manufacturers are large enterprises, generally will not appear product quality problems. Therefore, the boss only played "false one hundred million" billboards. If the battery sold in the store is really fake, then will the boss accept the penalty for millions of units? "Which one can’t afford it? This store is sold, it’s not worth one hundred million." Shop owner said. Market and quality supervision departments: business advertising promises exaggerated, since knowing that advertising promises can not be achieved, but also play such an advertisement, is not misleading consumers? The reporter contacted the advertising department of Hexi District market and the Quality Supervision Bureau, and the staff said that the advertisement promise of the enterprise was exaggerated. As far as advertising language is concerned, the "one" and "billion" directions of business commitments are not clear, and the two are pointing to batteries or money, which is not explained. Even if there is a genuine fake, the law enforcement department will punish the punishment according to the scope of the law, the penalty of 100 million units is obviously unreasonable. Such advertising signs inevitably mislead consumers. Staff will contact the territorial market and quality supervision and management of the investigation, and ordered businesses to correct. (newspaper reporter had news of New Media Editor Xu Dan)

天津最牛商户打出广告“换电池假一罚亿”(图)   商家为了吸人眼球,打出的广告让人难以置信。天津河西区大沽南路上一家电动车销售店竟然打出“换电池假一罚亿”广告。如果出现假货,真会按照亿为单位处罚吗?就连商家自己都称罚不起。   店老板打出“换电池假一罚亿”的广告招牌   近日,市民孙先生途经河西区大沽南路时看到,路边一家电动车销售店门口打出了“换电池假一罚亿”的广告招牌。店老板真是财大气粗,店里是不是得提前准备一亿元人民币做处罚准备?这让人难以置信。接报后,记者前往调查。这家电动车销售店位于大沽南路与洪泽路交口附近,“换电池假一罚亿”的红色招牌贴在玻璃门上很显眼。记者到场时,店老板正在为客户更换电动车电池。据店老板介绍,虽然店里主要经销电动车,但也代理了两个品牌的电动车电池业务。   商户:“那哪罚得起啊,这店都卖了也不值一个亿啊。”   大门上的“换电池假一罚亿”的广告牌是老板挂上去的,“是我自己想的词,就想表达我这的电池没假货。”店老板说。据介绍,店里代理的两个品牌的电池都是正规厂家生产的,每个月为顾客更换数十块,至今没有出现产品质量问题。如今的电池技术比较成熟,电池生产商都是大企业,一般不会出现产品质量问题。因此,老板才打出了“假一罚亿”的广告牌。如果店里销售的电池真的出现假货,那么老板会以亿为单位接受处罚吗?“那哪罚得起啊,这店都卖了也不值一个亿啊。”店老板说。   市场和质量监管部门:商家的广告承诺夸大其词   既然明知广告承诺无法实现,还打出这样的广告,岂不是误导消费者?记者联系了河西区市场和质量监督管理局广告科,工作人员表示,商家的广告承诺夸大其词。单从广告语言上来说,商家承诺的“一”和“亿”指向不明确,二者究竟是指向是电池还是金钱,没有做出说明。即使真出现了假货,执法部门处罚时也会按照法律规定的范围处罚,以亿为单位的处罚很显然是不合理的。这样的广告招牌难免误导消费者。工作人员将联系属地市场和质量监督管理所进行调查,并责令商家更正。   (新报记者 王曾 新报新媒体 编辑 徐丹)相关的主题文章: