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The establishment of the FTA Tianjin 10 billion Beijing Tianjin Hebei guide fund to boost industrial upgrading Sina Financial News on August 30th news, today, the adjustment of industrial structure in Beijing Tianjin Hebei guide fund officially set up free trade zone in Tianjin central business district. According to reports, the total size of the fund 10 billion yuan, the duration of the period of 10 years, will be commissioned by the Tianjin Binhai New Area to build equity investment fund management company operations management. The first phase of the fund size of 1 billion, will be funded by Tianjin, the central business district, a total of two financial. Previously, Tianjin, Tianjin, Beijing, Tianjin and collaborative development has been much attention. During the Tianjin FTA listed first anniversary, the vice mayor of Tianjin, Yan Qingmin director of trade test zone has revealed that the Beijing Tianjin Hebei industry development fund, system adjustment fund and other related matters, in consultation with the Ministry of Finance and other departments are. It is understood that in June 20th of this year, the Tianjin municipal government formally approved the establishment of the fund. Today, the fund finally settled in Tianjin free trade zone center business district. Guide the fund will invest in Tianjin City, high-end equipment manufacturing, new generation of information technology, aerospace, new materials, bio medicine, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection, petrochemical, metallurgy, modern modern industry modern service industry." Guide the fund management side said that the adjustment of the industrial structure of Beijing Tianjin Hebei will fund through fiscal funds to social capital investment, follow the market, specialization, internationalization of the city’s industrial layout principle, service development and strategic transformation of the capital formation, the service of the real economy, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of the new model. According to reports, the first phase of the fund size of 1 billion, will be jointly funded by the Tianjin City, the central business district of fiscal two. After a number of large state-owned enterprises, large financial institutions, the relevant departments of the funds, other districts and counties to participate in the financing of the fund to guide or cooperate with the fund to guide the model. Guide the fund entrusted with the custodian of qualified banks to fund custody. In accordance with the custodian bank escrow agreement, is responsible for the custody of assets, the appropriation of funds and settlement of daily work, and the sub fund investment activities dynamic regulation, submit quarterly report to the trust fund guide fund management institutions. In addition, guide the fund will make full use of Tianjin FTA financial innovation advantage, play the guiding role of financial capital, leading the market of financial resources allocation in the establishment of a subsidiary fund, will actively attract social capital to participate in investment, including foreign capital, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, promote industrial transfer docking, promote the depth of integration of the development planning of Hebei the industry of Beijing and Tianjin, to create the national service, based on the regional advantages of industrial agglomeration area. At present, we are with the domestic 10 central enterprises docking." The Central Business District Financial Services Secretary Sun Yang said that leading fund settled in Tianjin FTA Central Business District, will accelerate the agglomeration of financial institutions and business innovation, data show that, at present, the central business district has gathered financial and 896 financial institutions, asset management scale of more than 1 trillion and 800 billion. "We think the fund is a very flexible tool." Sun Yang said that after the fund settled in the central business district, to guide industrial upgrading, direct financing and other aspects of the enterprise are very helpful. For the being on the theory相关的主题文章: