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Tiangong two will do many "big" space experiment according to Xinhua news agency in Beijing in September 15, Tiangong two is the first true space laboratory in our country, will finish the task more than ten advanced manned space mission, is the previous application project is one of the largest. Some of these experiments are to explore the deepest mysteries of the universe, some to help people better understand the ocean and the atmosphere, and some even want to solve the future star trek food problems…… Let us look at the following. Mission involves 8 major areas, China’s manned space engineering has entered a new stage of development. "We are on the basis of studying the International Space Science and technology development situation, make full use of Tiangong two space laboratory platform support capability and advantage of environmental conditions, arrangements reflected a number of cutting-edge science and technology development strategy of high science and application of task." Tiangong two space application system designer Zhao Guangheng said, these tasks involve the microgravity basic physics, microgravity fluid physics, space materials science, space life science, space astronomy, space environment monitoring, earth observation and earth science research and application of 8 new technology field test. Among them, the space science experiment and exploration project includes the space cold atomic clock experiment, the higher plant culture experiment, the gamma ray polarization detection and so on. The Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft Tiangong two higher plant cultivation experiment and to launch 10 months late. The astronauts will enter the Tiangong two, to participate in the operation of higher plants cultivation experiment and comprehensive experiment of preparation of materials. In order to solve the problems of food self-sufficiency, oxygen and circulating water, the first task is to solve the problem of interstellar travel and emigration. The higher plant culture experiment is to study whether the plants on earth can overcome the extreme environmental effects such as microgravity in space, and grow normally in the space environment. The higher plant Arabidopsis and rice with the Tiangong two into space, scientists will study the plant seeds in space, growth, flowering, seed germination of the whole process, so as to understand and grasp the future space of agricultural development. Astronauts will recover some of the plant samples for further analysis of the ground. A variety of new structures and types of materials were used in the synthesis of composite materials, such as new nano composite optical materials, high performance thermoelectric conversion materials, multi phase alloys and so on. Scientists will shed light on the physical and chemical properties and physical properties of these materials in the earth’s gravity. Only international cooperation project "." the name is "celestial" telescope of gamma ray bursts polarimeter, led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, high-energy physics research, University of Geneva, Switzerland Paul Schell Research Institute and Poland Institute of nuclear physics in the Temple No. two, is the only international cooperation project. Gamma ray bursts are the abbreviation of cosmic gamma ray bursts, and its origin and corresponding physical processes have been one of the most advanced topics in astronomy. In the past ten years, people have made great progress in the research of the gamma ray bursts, but some basic problems about the GRBs have not been solved well. As the gamma ray bursts polarimeter the most sensitive. ".相关的主题文章: