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Tianbo Yang Fu Ju fold to a bunch of colorful fan? When traveling to the Sohu Tianbo Yang Fu, coincides with the autumn, the season of all beauty and fall for the Northern Song Dynasty is closely related to anti Liao Yang’s Industry Mansion, always have a deep respect. Long Yang Fu of the earliest with the passage of time and disappeared now is in accordance with the Not the least trace was found., restoration of ancient buildings in the Song Dynasty, even so, also shows the patriotic spirit of Yang Jiajiang, has long been popular. At this time the Tianbo Yang Fu, everywhere exudes a faint fragrance of chrysanthemum, people walk everywhere, everywhere on the wall, roadside is blooming chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum into Yang Fu like into the hall, and the beauty of color. There are too many stories about the Yangs, and when the novels and TV but profound influence that a girl’s Yang Yang exhaust. The spread of childhood in Yang said she grew up, a bold and brave, like a boy, only love and a knife, gun with five. Weekdays with Mu Guiying martial arts, has trained a good for many, many years to come, skill, eighteen Wu Yi is. Follow the Mu Guiying expedition in emerge, become a leader in energy-saving, if want prosperity, she is still a fire stick girl. Although the story only, but Yang exhaust body temperament, and just at this time with seasonal tenbofull chrysanthemum. The kind of chrysanthemum, and the unyielding tenacity of character but superior style, still visible before the eyes. The park Color Chrysanthemum competing Yan, although the color variety, different flavor, and colorful, and the humble chrysanthemum, seemingly insignificant, but still go with head high and chest out in the cold, to show their personality charm, the original which cater to the chrysanthemum. Just inside the park met Yang exhaust actor, played in a hurry, forgot to take a photo, in fact, the most important is also to give her a bouquet of chrysanthemums. This movie is not sophisticated, tenderness more than heroic, enthusiasm is shy. The country to raise their loyalty, Yang heart. Fuji, friend of frank, the only love infatuation. Ask the world, such a woman, how not to cherish. This is because the people heard, beautiful flowers because someone is in the care of those who are already legendary, not find, had to borrow a reality that failed to play a photo of the Yang exhaust, please accept a bouquet of chrysanthemums, with youth worship, taking this wish. Graphic original author, reproduced please do not change, the use of commercial contact author. Author: people from the media, senior travelers, travel video bloggers, micro-blog signed a contract from the media, fashion, travel, travel Master micro-blog game player Lotour columnist, tuniu, big game player where smart traveler, advanced sleep tester, network NJ, interpret the world with text, voice! Adhere to the original, insist on the original ecological travel, micro-blog search: just on the road; the public number: liugang_ai相关的主题文章: